New layout

Because annoying people who might want to read this is my job…

Hope this works. There are quite a few Mariners bloggers out there using the layout I was previously using. I can see why; it’s the best one an unpaid or paid-without-server layout WordPress provides. I don’t have my own server, so am sort of held hostage by WP in that way. I still love their spam protection however, so here I remain. This layout is not perfect, but it’s different and for now that’s pretty much all I can do.  All information is still here, all my delightful baseball and non-baseball friends. I may be changing some of the links to make a page or pages out of them so that they are more visible to readers as well. I’ve collected a lot of them, and, being still unemployed, have nothing but time on my hands to mess around with all of this in between futile efforts to send a written picture of who I am out into cyberspace to fend for itself among several other written pictures of several other candidates. Oh, job search, I hate you so.

In any event, new layout, hopefully some new writing is coming, but the Mariners don’t make it any easier. Hope everyone had a great holiday; I got a bowling ball and some knives. One does not necessarily have to do with the other…necessarily. Also was fortunate enough to have my brother buy me something baseball-related, but that is information for another time. Perhaps tomorrow.

It’s late, I’m tired, peace out!

EDIT: Snow will be falling here until January 4th, at least that’s what WP says

EDIT 2: Just found out also, you can control the snow with your mouse. Don’t get sucked in! Also, am still working on the color of the background, will keep on working with it until I fix readability

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