Happy 2011!

This time of year makes for alarmingly easy non-baseball posts!

I wanted to wish everyone a happy New Year, although it’s funny how we only wish it to others the day before it actually starts, and then no mention is made of it ever again, traditionally.

It has been a bit of struggle for me financially and with school and other personal things. I’d like to say that 2010 shouldn’t let the door hit it on the way out, but there were enough positive things about this last year to unbalance the bad – or at least throw it off the trail for a bit. I learned a lot this year, both about baseball and the world around me, and hope that trend continues. I hope whatever everyone else is striving for, it comes to you by the metric ton and then some.

Don’t eat or drink too much this evening, stay safe, and I hope that you all can be around loved ones this evening. Three cheers for a better 2011 (Mariners, I’m looking at you).

Back tomorrow with more baseball-ish stuff. Have a good night, everybody!

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