A brief solution to the offseason, Aardsma’s hip

It’s a good day for a Green Bay Packers game on TV, but there has also been a little bit of Mariners news recently. I am late as usual this offseason – I think that the cold (don’t call it “crisp”, it’s absolutely nasty outside) is making me slow. People should hibernate; it’s a design flaw that we don’t. We could go to sleep after the World Series, and wake up when pitchers and catchers report – it’s a winning situation! I may have to lobby the government.

We now all know why there was no great public effort made to move David Aardsma during the winter meetings. Recovery from this type of surgery can take 2-6 weeks under normal circumstances, but an athlete would certainly risk more in attempting to rush such a recovery, and physical therapy is going to take longer. The problem is with Aardsma’s left hip, the side he leads with and puts the most weight on in the stretch. Aardsma also kicks high post-release, so with every pitch he makes, all of his 6’3″ and 205lbs are resting on that side of his body, reeling from the power of a 95MPH throw.

You can also see in the second photo that he also leans to his left, putting yet more pressure on his hip to center his weight, while his foot remains straight. Ouch. Aardsma claimed in a recent Geoff Baker article that he would be ready for Spring Training, but if there’s anything I’ve learned about Mariners injuries and deadlines, it’s that they never cooperate with each other. I hope Aardsma can recover in time, but I have this nagging feeling that all this means is that we see more of Brandon League. With all the talk about how “little” money the Ms have to spend this year, I harbor doubts that the Brian Fuentes rumors mean anything concrete.

Now that 2011 is here, we have some 26 or so days until FanFest. I maintain that that first hot dog in January is always the best. I’ll be bringing blankets, scarves, and mittens galore for the Dugout Dialogue, and trying to cram as much hot cocoa into my face as possible. Now, though, I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon watching football, and wishing that baseball season was here; I miss it so.

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2 Responses to A brief solution to the offseason, Aardsma’s hip

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Fan Fest! Are you going to go to both days?

    • Megan Shear says:

      I usually do, but it will depend on money and how cold it might be that weekend. It will be interesting to see who they decide needs to speak to us as a fan group, as far as the players. I’m sure Wedge will be there. 🙂

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