Monday bits

A bit of sad news for the Orioles. Relief pitcher Alfredo Simon was involved in some sort of altercation* that occurred on New Year’s Eve. I am not particularly familiar with Simon, but then I didn’t pay as much attention to the Os last year as I would have liked to. I have my own personal views on firearms in the world of sports, and they are neither positive nor anywhere near liberal. I have no problem with gun ownership – I have a huge problem with stupid gun ownership, or use of guns to “prove” one’s machismo (and I don’t think that culture is an excuse – it’s not like people who handle guns are unaware that guns can kill human beings both on purpose and by accident). Obviously, nobody knows yet what actually happened, and it may be in Simon’s favor that he turned himself in, but this has the makings of some bad news for both the pitcher and possibly his team. And I have to feel for the dead and injured and their families. A terrible way to end what should be a good time of year.

Miguel Olivo’s signing with the team is now official. Chris Capunao was a speculated target for the Mariners over at USS Mariner, but since he’s securely with the New York Mets now, we can forget that. In usual ‘me’ fashion, I can only assume that all of this is for the best. I know very little about either player outside of that one is ours and the other is not. Jeff and Matthew at Lookout Landing have a post up about what this means/meant for Anthony Varvaro. It doesn’t sound like losing Varvaro is going to hurt the organization that much.

The Everett AquaSox organization posted a new video up of infielder Mickey Wiswall, introducing himself to the internet:

I am very much looking forward to this next Single A season.

Another thing I am (now) looking forward to is the 2011 season with the big club. My financial battles continue, but I have recently secured a small contract job downtown that will pay me enough to replenish my bank account a little, and enable me to get my and Tom’s bowling balls drilled, and – if I am very very good and budget correctly – allow me to afford two bleacher seats for the 2011 season, another 16-game plan. All my mental fingers are crossed. Regardless of what else is going on in my life, being able to go to SafeCo and watch games keeps me sane and out of reality for a few hours; it’s a nice little necessary vacation that I can take a few times a month. I’m going to have to budget like crazy, but I’m really hoping that it will work out. Gotta live like a pauper if you want to play like a king…or the king’s long-lost cousin three times removed. This also means I will for absolute sure be at at least one of the FanFest days. Hallelujah! The New Year is officially starting out on the right track!

*Don’t read the comments there, they will literally cause your soul to dry up and die.

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