Just a word of warning, though I know traffic is low most Sundays. I’m going to be playing with the layouts for a while this evening, will hopefully figure something out that will work for everyone. I’ve gotten some feedback on the black, and it turns out that it’s not going to work for some folks. I’d rather change it than lose even one reader, so I’ll be spending this evening working on that…for anyone curious as to why I need to mess with it at all, I’m trying to differentiate the theme from a few other Ms blogs that are using the same theme. I don’t begrudge them using it, it’s just that I’m at the mercy of WordPress here as far as layouts, and would like to make things look a little different here.

EDIT: as of 6.30pm Sunday, I think I have a good medium. Any thoughts?

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4 Responses to Construction

  1. Branton says:

    I read your site Google Reader so, I had to click through to see what you’re talking about. Looks good to me, though! And now I have more Mariners blogs to read thanks to your sidebar…

  2. Lonnie of MC says:

    I like this layout, it is easy on the eyes without being bland. Maybe some new window treatments and a couple of throw rugs and it’ll be perfect…



  3. Lonnie of MC says:

    …pillows. Don’t forget pillow…

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