Monday news on Tuesday

Life is absolutely crazy right now. My current assignment gives me intermittent access to the internet, but I feel weird about writing anything there, because the whole room is really super quiet with counselors talking to clients in soothing NPR voices, and the keyboard they set up for me is really loud – “So how are you feeling today?” CLACKCLACK-CLACKCLACKCLACK! All of my other time has been taken up either trying to get enough sleep or trying to stay warm. I go into emergency mode the minute the temperatures dip down below 45. I spend all day trying to stay warm in a building that is remarkably cool for being indoors, then all evening wrapping myself in as much fleece and flannel as humanly possible.

But all is not excuses and avoidance!

Yesterday we got some good news and some good-ish news. This Adam Kennedy person has signed a minor-league deal with the Mariners. Given the fact that Kennedy was with the Nationals more recently, tossed around the American League like a beach ball during 2009-2010, and then in the NL when I first started to really get into the game, I have to plead ignorance here. All I know about him is what I’ve been told by others over the past 24 hours or so – he’s got a bit of an age problem, he didn’t do well last year, and he was good in the WAR department between 2002 and 2005. A minor league deal is OK with me. Am I wrong in thinking that all the moves to deepen up our infield is going to give us some room in the minor league development area? Or am I completely misinterpreting this move? In any event, this is the good-ish news, and I neither love nor hate it.

The good news? Sean White is comfy and secure somewhere else. I don’t know if people reading this have seen Zombieland, but I consider this the double-tap. Designation for assignment is the first shot, but when the player gets picked up, that’s it, he’s done. Sean White was really my only criticism of Don Wakamatsu. The usage of White in high-leverage situations, and the insistence on keeping him at the major league level (or anywhere, really) when he exhibited failure after failure was too much for a lot of us to take, and a huge source of lamentation on Lookout Landing game threads. This is good news in that annoying sort of way I have of wishing most former not-that-great Mariners players well some place else, and also because it means that now we can’t go back and change our minds about him for at least a while.

As everyone is well aware by now, the Seahawks rose up like a phoenix from some long-dormant ashes, and took the New Orleans Saints to school this last Saturday, giving them a one-way ticket back home. Some folks have recently been saying that Marshawn’s Lynch’s insane touchdown run (seriously, I’m not much of a football fan, but that was impressive) gave the Seahawks their “Double”, but what I find most interesting about the entire thing is this. Seahawks fans caused an earthquake! Well, not an earthquake per se, but a recorded seismic event is nothing to shake a stick at. Amazing. I was not really backing the Seahawks when the game started, but they did play like they suddenly cared. For the sake of the fans, I hope it lasts through this next weekend. Green Bay also won, despite the Eagles’ best intentions. This weekend should be a good one game-wise.

Stay safe and warm this evening, everyone! Hopefully the snow we’re expected to get is either light and unobtrusive, or so heavy that I get a day off, despite living on a bus line. Either way, yay snow!

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