Handegg fail

Well, then. Like so many others in Seattle, I just finished watching the Seahawks fork up too little too late in Chicago. I spent yesterday at Zayda Buddy’s in Ballard, which is normally a Vikings/Twins/Packers bar (among other teams) watching the Steelers and the Packers win. Two out of three is not bad. I know it’s easy to declare you were right after the fact, but I was not the only one thinking that the Hawks weren’t going to be able to do this today. The hype was fun while it lasted, but immediately after the Hawks beat the Saints, I just had this terrible feeling. Usually in situations like these, I feel worse for the fans than I do the actual team. The team knows what they are capable of, regardless of all their talking points during off- and on-field interviews. The fans merely believe. And while belief may be what gets you through the day, it is not based in any sort of reality. You just can’t expect a 7-9 regular season team to make it to the SuperBowl. I’m not trying to be a jackass here – I even borrowed a Seahawks hoodie from a friend, because sports has turned me into a superstitious…believer – but I was fully prepared for what I figured was more likely to happen. The Chicago Bears are a better team, it’s just that simple. And I’m a Mariners fan which causes my regular ingrained pessimism to skyrocket during sporting events. I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade or anything – faith in your team is obviously part of what makes sports fun – but I can’t change 39 years of half-empty glasses. It’s me, not you.

What hurts more than the loss of the game and subsequent end of the season, however, is the fact that two Seahawks – John Carlson and Marcus Trufant – both suffered pretty bad injuries today, injuries sufficient enough to remove them from the game. Slow motion replay was difficult to watch, and the two were carted off the field on stretchers in the first and third quarters. The stretchers were listed as a “precautionary” measure, but talk soon ensued of both players having head injuries and being able to move their limbs (this was all via Twitter, by the way). If the season wasn’t already over for the team by halftime, it would have been today for these poor guys. I wish them speedy recovery, and several months of not hitting their noggins into things. Take care, guys.

So next weekend there will be a Packers/Bears game. I had hoped for the sake of several of my friends that the Hawks could bring the war back to Seattle, but it is not to be. The Pack and Bears are a little more evenly matched, though, so hopefully it will be an exciting game.

As for the Mariners, this last week has brought some news of Miguel Batista and Ian Snell both getting taken as factory seconds off the market by the St Louis Cardinals, which is definitely a huge headscratcher for me. They are minor league contracts (I say, as I just found this out), but it really makes me wonder what the Cards are thinking. I guess their scouts must see something in these two that the rest of us don’t, and I stopped paying a lot of attention to Batista after he left us (for sanity’s sake), but hey, if Snell works out for St Louis, I’d like the Ms to get a little trade or cash back for the foot correction. You’re welcome, Cards.

Other news of little interest to anyone but me comes in the form of the Oakland A’s signing both Grant Balfour and Brian Fuentes. The Brian Fuentes thing isn’t totally concrete just yet, I don’t think, but it sounds like they took some pretty big steps this offseason.

I have yet to get FanFest tickets. I’ve just been lazy, and don’t want to tempt myself in the Team Store. I have to keep reminding myself that just because I have a job right now, it’s no reason to go nuts. So far the lineup of guests is…interesting, but I’ll still go, at least Saturday for sure. I still haven’t really sat down and read or watched anything featuring Eric Wedge, so FanFest is going to be my introduction to him. I’m looking forward to it. Last offseason I was really antsy for baseball to start. This offseason has been a bit more chill as far as my anxiety levels, and while I’m not sure what the reason is for that, it’s certainly welcome. I am very much looking forward to Spring Training starting, but first things first – FanFest, SuperBowl, and pitchers and catchers reporting. And maybe in there somewhere, a few season tickets for good measure…

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