Baron is one letter away from ‘bacon’.

And who doesn’t like bacon?

Jeff Sullivan has it first* because he has nothing better to do with his time (I kid, of course…or do I?) but it appears that Steve Baron has once again wrangled himself a Spring Training invite. The first time I was introduced to Baron was back in 2009, when he was invited to ST, and was gushing to Seattle Times reporters about getting to play with Ken Griffey Jr. I only very vaguely “know” him through Katie Crawford with the AquaSox front office, and he certainly seems like a nice guy, but Sullivan’s description of his batting prowess looks about on-par:

Then he goes and hits a double in the same game:

I don’t know what any of this means (probably nothing), but I always enjoy watching him in Everett, even if my scouting and stats-knowledgable brethren aren’t very high on him as a player. I may be barking up the wrong tree in hoping he finds himself promoted this year, but I would also urge skeptics to keep in mind that he was a frequent flier on the roster of a team that won it’s league championship last year. All I have to offer is hope.

*Actually, it looks kind of like ProBallNW might have had it first. But since I have to operate on Internet Explorer at work, going to LL to find a time stamp would take me into next Monday time-wise.

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