Mariners ink 2011

I have been thinking lately about my annual tattoo “deal” with the Mariners. For those of you just joining the fun here, this is something I’ve done for the past two years. I pick a goal for the team to reach by the end of the season, and if they reach it, I get logos tattooed. In the spirit of a friend of mine who has a Green Bay logo on one leg and a RedWings logo on the other, the chosen place is on the calves. Last year, the deal was a World Series win, as I bought into the hype of the pre-season. The year before that, I believe I had them winning the AL West.

So I asked some folks on Twitter what I should do, and got several responses, all of which are not too shabby ideas. Mind you, my choices are usually not grounded in much reality – Mariners World Series? C’mon! – but tattoos are expensive and last forever, so it needs to be a lofty goal. I always shot pretty high with these things, and it was always my decision, but this year I’m going to let the people decide!

This thing stays up for a week (it was either a week or a day, no in-between), so bring it on. An before anyone asks, yes, the logos will be on the large side. I’m not a wuss.

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2 Responses to Mariners ink 2011

  1. egoproverbium says:

    “If the Mariners win 90 games or more, a new school compass logo on a leg”

    This one seems to suit you the most!

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