We’ve all heard the song by now, and I knew there was a video, but I’d never had the time to watch it. This morning I did, and I nearly wish I hadn’t because now I can’t stop sniffling, and I seem to have a lot of dust in my eye…or something…

You see, outside of the baseball aspect of the song and the fact that it’s about Niehaus (both of which, at this blog, are givens), I love Seattle. I’m from Portland, Oregon, but I no longer recognize that city as my home. In fact, whenever I go back, even though I can still go to a lot of my old hangouts, things are not the same. The place feels very foreign to me. Here in Seattle, I feel like I’m home, and that’s how I felt even in the early days. Watching this video, I really do feel like Seattle is my city, and the Mariners are my team. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch, and keep some tissues handy.

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