WordPress is telling me that there is a comment being left to be approved, but I’m not seeing anything I haven’t already seen in the comment bank, and have received no email notification, so if that is anyone out there, my apologies. I’ll approve it when I can actually access it – this is very unusual for WordPress.

I’m up early today to make up an hour on my contract job, as I will be leaving work early today for a job interview. Yes, your humble narrator’s education is finally paying off. A little. We’ll see. What this means is that I am taking my sweet time waking up this morning, and checking things online that require my attention, such as this article from Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing (should I stop saying that? I just assume everyone knows who he is).

In case you don’t feel like clicking on the link, the article is about Center Plate, the company that started working with SafeCo Field last year to bring more food options to those of us who sit in the stands. They are continuing food option expansion this year, to include what looks like more varied Italian and Mexican food. And French! Crepes! Whoa. The super happy number one good news? The new food will be located in the Bullpen Market, where I could conceivably get my grubby paws on it on a regular basis. Yum! (I’ll leave enough for everyone else, I promise.)

As Sullivan says, it would be easy to poke fun at Seattle being Seattle by having a bunch of fancy food options that aren’t ‘typical’ (and I’ve been given my fair share of hassle by people who don’t seem to understand that cold sushi on a hot day in the stands is awesome), but when the Reds give up their steak hoagies, or the Phillies their cheesesteaks, you can pry my sushi and pad thai out of my cold, dead hands. I understand that long-time fans may find these options ‘snooty’, but I prefer to embrace the new school. It’s nice to have a stadium that serves a variety of food, because I don’t always feel like stuffing myself full of mechanically separated beef and pork parts along with a healthy sprinkling of nitrates. I love that we have so much Asian food (would it kill us to get a Korean BBQ place up in here?) along with Greek, Seattle’s famous Ivar’s, and that great crab and avocado panini I had at the last game of the season in 2010.  If I’m going to be sitting on a hard surface for 3 hours plus, I’d like to have options! Hot dogs certainly have their place, and there is admittedly no faster way to beat that hunger back than chowing on a Major League Mariner Dog piled high with onion and kraut, but a nice cold seafood salad here by the saltwater Puget Sound on a sunny summer evening is also high on my list of priorities.

Great, I should probably eat breakfast.

Depending on who you are, this news may either make you incredibly happy or incredibly irate. I just stumbled on it myself. Obviously, it’s just an idea thrown to the wind at this point, and while the logical side of me knows it’s probably a bad idea, the fan side of me really would like it to happen. That part of me also wants Randy Johnson to come out of retirement for one last season with the Ms, too, so that may give an indication as to irrational my fan side is. The fan side has no regard for numbers or truth, and needs to go sit in a time-out.

I’m sure I could dig up more to say, getting as close to FanFest as we are, but it’s time for me to get ready to go out in this fog. Hurry up and get here, Saturday!

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