Random bits on a Thursday

Adam Kennedy is right. This is not the best way to make a first impression.

I could decide to be angry about this, but I’m just tired of it at this point, tired of bad news. So rather than look at it as “bad news”, I’m just going to accept Kennedy’s apology and get on with being cranky because there’s still no baseball. It may be awfully double-standard-y in light of what I recently said in regards to Milton Bradley, but January is the most difficult month, and I think mentally I’ve just about snapped. It happens every year. I’ll be fine. Eventually.

Bringing a bit of information that is of very little use to anyone, I just finished reading Steve Lyon’s Psycho 100. It’s an extremely easy read, but it took me a while because it kept falling under the bed, so I’d forget I had to finish it. It’s an alright book – kind of awkwardly-written, but alright – and if you’ve read any baseball history at all you’re probably already familiar with most of the incidents he describes. I’m not sure I would have described any of the incidents as “psycho” (with the exception of those two idiots who went after the Royals first base coach in Chicago a few years ago), but the book was entertaining, and that’s often all I ask for.

So now I’ve started reading Jim Bouton’s Ball Four, and I love it. I’m not terribly far in, but I found a passage where he talks about Lou Piniella, and then Sick’s Stadium. it was kind of nice to see some Seattle baseball history mentioned in a place I didn’t expect it. As a sidenote, I actually spent two years off and on working at Sick’s Stadium…or at least, where it used to be. I worked through several contracts in Amazon.com’s accounts payable department. They are no longer there, but it was right next to the Lowe’s down on Rainier Ave S.  I’ve known for a while now that that area was where the stadium used to reside, but I really don’t know much about the stadium itself. Apparently its dimensions made Bouton extremely confident in his knuckleballing abilities. Bouton also talks about the stigma a lot of players have in admitting they’re injured, which gives me a bit more of an understanding as to why and how Rob Johnson could have played in 2009 with his hips all messed up the way they were.

So in closing, get well soon Adam Kennedy, hurry up baseball, and Ball Four is a good read so far.

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