Random bits and bobs

Not a lot has been happening lately, unless you count Jamey Wright getting signed to a minor league contract, the promotional schedule for the 2011 season being released, Mariners Mondays having started on what is now apparently ROOT Sports (rather than FSN), and only a handful of days left until pitchers and catchers report. And some other stuff.

As for the Jamey Wright thing, I’m ambivalent. Sometimes he’s good, sometimes he’s bad, sometimes he’s just OK. I don’t know that I’d necessarily compare him to Sean White (mainly because that’s just mean), but he’s no…um….wow, our bullpen is not all that much improved since last year. Demonstrating how little I’ve been paying attention this year, I just had a ‘who the hell is Chaz Roe‘ moment while looking at our roster (it’s funny because I forgot). I now know that Chaz Roe is a Triple A guy who has spent the last four years in the Rockies minors system. He has a 4-ish FIP, and he looks like he’s about 12. I also know I’m late. And that is the end of my musings on Jamey Wright’s “return”.

Orioles news, good and bad. Good: Vladimir Guerrero (!!!) has signed a one-year contract. Bad: For 8 million dollars. Eight. Million. Dollars. For a year. For a guy held together by popsicle sticks and duct tape, and looks like really sketchy computer animation when he runs. Orioles fans closer to the O’s than I do not like this deal. The practical part of me realizes why it’s a bad move, but the part of me that likes Vlad and believes he can still have a good 2011 really digs it. I was going to try and soften that, but I just can’t lie. Unfortunately, the move will likely mean less playing time for the Orioles’ young’uns, so that little bit of me that is still learning to be concerned with player development is sad. Eventually, I will learn to connect all the dots on my own, but for right now, I’ll be asking people and nodding and thinking ‘Ohhhhh, of course!’ (as I did with the fellow that runs the Camden Crazies Twitter account last week over this very situation). I’m guessing I’ll have all of this down in, oh, about 10 years or so…

We have signed Gabe Gross. I vaguely remember Gross from the A’s, but that is only likely due to his name. It’s not like I’ve ever thought ‘oh, the Gabe Gross that made that outstanding sliding catch in left field‘ or ‘the Gabe Gross that hit the grand slam against Hyphen last year‘. Because Gabe Gross never did any of those things. I’m glad that the team is trying to give us some depth(ish) at the Triple A level, but I’d be fibbing if I said I haven’t been a little disappointed this year. I know we were never destined to do great things in the offseason, but Jack Zduriencik seems to have put his ninja costume away for the winter, so there have been no great surprises, which for me, was part of the fun with him since he got here. Gross’s years in Milwaukee were likely what made the move a plausible one for Zduriencik, and as always, I’m totally happy to defer to the experts in situations like this.

Pitchers and catchers report on the 14th, and that is when I’ll start paying attention in earnest. That may also be when Fridays at SafeCo starts up again. I’ve been having to go through my photo files and edit a lot, and I’m still not done. It’s amazing how many terrible photos one can take when one is full of beer and excitement. I’m currently trying to ramp up my reading and listening again, though the building I work in is full of computers, so AM radio is impossible. I haven’t heard a Brock and Salk show in ages – this makes me sad.

Tomorrow, meanwhile, is the Great Deadline, the SuperBowl. It’s all gravy for baseball fans after this. The end of the actual game (in which Green Bay makes the Steelers cry and my friend Scott and I get into a verbal altercation out on the lawn) marks the downhill slide into the arms of my beloved baseball, and our long Seattle wait for summer. I want to do a little dance just thinking about it…

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