Something to talk about is not always better than nothing

If you’re one of the lucky numbers who get to go to Spring Training this year, heads up because the guys at USS Mariner are doing some cool things down south. Airplanes and I have a sort of admiration-from-afar sort of relationship, but even if I enjoyed flying, there is no way I could afford to go down and spend any amount of time this year.  Getting to talk to the Cleveland Indians front office all USSM/LL event-stylie  is just an ace idea. Some day.

If anyone was paying attention to my inane ramblings on Twitter around afternoon rush hour today, I had some sort of brain lapse regarding Manny Delcarmen and Gabriel Guerrero. I cannot explain exactly what happened, but I think I pushed myself into thinking too much about non-work things way too fast after a day at work spent listening to NPR discuss the recent events in Egypt, and mentally shot myself in the foot online. Awesome. If I step back from it, though, we wound up with both players, so perhaps my confusion is not to blame nearly as much as Twitter’s 140-character limit. And Egypt. As usual, Jeff is on the ball with some bits about Guerrero here, and some analysis of Delcarmen’s possible decline issues with some cool pictures of fireworks over here. I suppose that the acquisition of Delcarmen will make more guys fight for bullpen positions, but -and I never thought I’d say this about pitchers – enough is enough, already. I like the bullpen as much as anyone (even though Garrett Olson never responds to my tweets), but we need to stop. Delcarmen is obviously not in a position to improve our situation, and maybe we’re not going for improvement as much as we’re trying to “remain competitive”, so maybe it’s simply not a concern. At this rate, I’ll be happy if we come in third.

We also signed Felix’s older brother Moises Hernandez – but since I’m always late to the party these days, anyone reading this probably knows that already. The senior Hernandez hasn’t spent much time anywhere but single A, so I’ll just say that I hope he winds up on the Aquasox roster, because hey, why not. Also, his first name makes me want a piece of cake. I don’t know why.

Lastly, the Mariners are dealing with the Milton Bradley situation. The only thing I have learned from that situation so far is that if you and your significant other are starting divorce procedures, it’s probably best to put some effort into finishing them, too. Otherwise, I’m over it. If Bradley plays he plays, if not, we can replace him. I refuse to worry about it.

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