Extracurricular Mariners

I came to the realization while zoning out at my desk for a few moments at work yesterday that this Sunday is the first official game of the 2011 season. I get an extended weekend this next week because my work schedule is adjusting to my new, permanent situation with the company I’m at now, so I will be able to check out both Sunday’s and Monday’s games if they’re played on the radio, in a static-free zone. I’m very excited about it.

Yesterday the team had some photos taken and did some work on the yearly commercials. The only evidence I have of that are photos from various sources, and I’m in a sharing mood, so let’s do this.

First up, a photo from Clinton Lumberking (formerly Everett Aquasox) player Forrest Snow, who jumped on an opportunity to be an extra in a commercial starring none other than Felix Hernandez. After all was said and done, Snow Tweeted this photo of himself and the King:

Photo courtesy Forrest Snow.

This picture also came out of camp yesterday, a still of what I assume was maybe earlier in the plot of this particular commercial:

Photo courtesy Gregg Greene.

I haven’t heard anything specific about photo day this year, but I haven’t been the most connected so far this year, either, so I may have missed it. Brett Miller, sometimes of SodoMojo.com, found this picture yesterday afternoon. I don’t know what the reasoning might be behind having poor Dustin Ackley not wear his own shirt, but I love stuff like this. Not in a ‘haha, I caught you‘ sort of way, but in the same way I feel when I find two M&M’s attached to each other, or realize that I’ve worn just the right combination of warm clothing as I walk to the bus. It’s more of a satisfying curiosity.

Lastly, before we just had sort of a thing. Now, we have a concrete thing. And even further analysis of the whole thing causes me to believe that Eric Wedge’s essence has just been captured by Lookout Landing, just like a podling in The Dark Crystal. I’m not sure what the end result of this will be, but I guess it’s good to know everyone on our team has eyes.

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