Brief bits on a Thursday

Still not a lot of “news” from where I’m sitting. My inability to listen to ESPN all day long has, I feel, severely hampered my ability to keep up with things that might be news. I feel very disconnected from all things Mariners lately. I’ve been trying to keep up with reading when I get home, but it hasn’t been easy. I think the air conditioner I sit under all day long (yes, air conditioner, not heater) saps a lot of my energy. I spend my days cold and frankly, far more tired than normal. Since I’m not hugely in a position to do much about this, I simply try to layer and hope for the best. I am not always successful.

So I feel like this space has been taken up with a lot of hunting for things to talk about, rather than those things coming to me, which they inevitably will, and much more easily, when Opening Day comes. I’ll live if you will.

It doesn’t surprise me that this hasn’t been mentioned much on a local level – nobody here really cares about Oakland or Cleveland’s BP – but I feel it’s important enough to mention, if people haven’t already heard about it. There is a 36-year-old woman pitching batting practice to both the A’s and Indians. Despite being female, I’m not a huge crusader for women breaking into men’s sports. I think it’s important, and I definitely support people who harbor that desire, but personally, I’m not much of an ‘us vs. them’ sort of person when it comes to men and women. I had a bit of a battle in the music  world, but I also grew up a tomboy, and have never really felt that there was anything men could do that I could not.  My inability to remember stats is not due to being female, it’s because I’ve always hated math and statistics. And I’m OK with that. But I digress…I think this is brilliant, and I’m very proud of Ms Siegal. At her age she’s a grandmother in baseball years, but I have the feeling this won’t be the last we hear from her. The arm patch honoring Christina Green is a beautiful touch. I salute you, ma’am!

A friend of mine living in Dallas has kept me aware of a resolution involving little Gavin Justice, kind-of Ranger Michael Young’s biggest littlest fan. Jon Shields had the initial video up over at Pro Ball, and it is both heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time. Apparently, that video was seen by both Young and his wife, and Gavin recently got a bit of a treat at the Ranger’s Team Store. I don’t remember much from when I was 3, but I hope Gavin is able to remember just a little of this for the rest of his life. At that age, he was able to sum up what a lot of adults likely feel at the news of their favorites being traded. It would probably be just as verbally limited, too.

I don’t know how to feel about this article. I really really don’t want to harbor any ill will against Chone Figgins, but it didn’t take him long to go from one of my favorites to a guy I sort of wish would go away. I wanted to believe that we didn’t see the “real” Chone Figgins last year, that last year was a fluke in what has so far been a pretty decent career. But Figgins claims this is not the case, and that we got what we paid for last year. So basically we got (as some comments pointed out there at The Times) a guy with a hot temper who doesn’t like to be disciplined for lazy play? I lost count of the amount of times Figgins either played sloppy or not at all, just letting the ball get past him back to mid-right field.  I’m not actively lobbying for his release, but if that’s the real Chone Figgins, I’d rather have the real Jose Lopez. The whole “I’m not a quitter” thing makes zero difference to me. Of course he’s not a quitter – if he refused to play, he’d be breaching contract. If he refused to play, he wouldn’t get paid. And what isn’t he quitting? Not catching the ball? Well, we’ll win a championship in no time then!

I should stop before I get more irate. I’m really not as annoyed with him as it probably sounds, I just had to get some things off my chest…I should just go get ready for work…

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