We’re 1.000!

Jon at ProBallNW kindly pointed out a typo in my last post (which is now corrected). For my part, I don’t think I’d be too terribly interested in a game taking place in 20,011. For one thing, I’d hate to think of how bad my usually-at-bay back and neck pain would be by then. I’d probably have phenomenal photo-taking skills that far into the future, though, so maybe there’s an upside.

I managed to get 710 ESPN in at work today without the static being too terrible, but unfortunately, there was no game on, a fact I didn’t bother to check before getting excited about it. I wish I could say that this was the first time in the past few years, but it’s most definitely not. Oops. I did, however, get to hear a pretty bright-sounding David Aardsma talking to Mike Salk and Brock Huard about his injury recovery, and chatting a bit about the current state of the bullpen. None of what he said was what I might call “news”, but it was nice to hear Aardsma sounding upbeat and like he was enjoying Spring Training in whatever capacity his recovery will allow.

The Ms beat the Texas Rangers today 5-4 with the help of AquaSox catcher Steve Baron, who hit a game-winning home run off of pitcher Neil Ramirez, some video clips and a bit of mechanical analysis on whom you can find here. Ramirez looks like he has a bit of a sling shot attached to his right shoulder, and according to GameDay, it was hurling a 96 MPH fastball when Baron managed to get hold of the ball. I gave Baron some props on FaceBook when I got home from work, and congratulated him on helping to beat the Rangers.  He told me, “It was sweet.” I’ve never hit a home run (I can barely hit a fly with a flyswatter), but I can imagine it must be.

Everyone’s already mentioned it everywhere else, but I have been wanting to touch on the retirement of Jody Gerut. Until I heard the audio, I hadn’t thought very much of it, because I don’t really know Jody Gerut. But his speech just made me sad. Shannon Drayer has an article with quotes up here, and I wish I could find the recording of his press announcement, but maybe it’s for the best that I can’t. It must be crushing to a player, realizing that your head simply isn’t into the game anymore, that you’re just done. I remember when Brad Wilkerson dropped out of the Red Sox minors, and even with how much I poked fun at him when he was here because I wasn’t much of a fan in the first place, I had a lot of respect for him for coming to the conclusion that he couldn’t do it anymore. And the funny part of that is that I feel bad saying I have respect for someone who knows their limits, because it does mean that they have to quit the game, and that is just heartbreaking to me. I wish Gerut a good post-baseball life, and hope he is truly content with the decision he has made.

In slightly more cheerful news, Moira Koskey found this link from Spin Magazine about a sort of indie rock supergroup forming to write songs about…baseball. I never know how to feel about things like this – I think Scott Stapp may have scarred me for life – but they have a song called “Ichiro Goes to the Moon” (clip in the link there), so they can’t be all that bad, right? In other news, I had no idea that Young Fresh Fellows were from Seattle, but it’s entirely possible that I have them confused with Stiff Little Fingers. Either way, I admit some degree of curiosity, will settle down and check out the clip when I have the chance.

The game tomorrow will not be not aired. I will not spend 10 minutes listening to ESPN wondering why it’s not on. I swear.

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