Odds and ends

For any Sounders fans that might have found me by accident today (as if you’re not down at Fuel or around Qwest getting your lunch and beer on right now), I’d like to wish you happy Opening Day. It’s a bleak one, and it looks like Seattle is going to get a heavy dose of rain today (actually, it is currently starting as I write this), but Opening Day is Opening Day, and regardless of what your sport is, it’s always the best day of the year. Have a good one, get wet, and come on you Sounders!

Now that that’s all out of the way…

You can laugh if you want to, but this makes me a little sad. I’ll be the first one to admit that I was not that into Ian Snell, but that certainly doesn’t mean I wanted him to leave the game, and despite my occasional foray into Ian-bashing, I was always technically on his side. I’m just glad he knew when to call it a day. Spending another season of question marks at the Triple-A level didn’t really seem like something Snell was interested in, regardless of how relaxed he claimed to feel at there. I wish him nothing but well, it just seems like a shame after getting that foot mostly corrected.

I have never heard of a slow digestive tract, so Franklin Gutierrez wins this month’s Too Much Information award. Based on the description of the condition in that article, it sounds like they just need to stuff him full of Maalox and send him on his merry way. I occasionally forget that these guys are still in their 20s and probably eat food like it’s a contractual obligation. All I know is that Gutz is currently getting a look at what it’s like to be 40, eat too much food and get no exercise – at least now he’s mentally prepared for retirement. I’m just glad they figured it out. I know the last thing I usually feel like doing after stuffing myself full of  food is going out to catch fly balls in front of a stadium full of people…give that boy a salad and a glove and send him outside to play!

I could put my two cents in about the stupid Felix-to-New-York flap recently, but I’m not going to be saying anything that hasn’t already been said by people who are either truly discussing it or just trying to stir the pot. I think, though, that if Felix Hernandez really wanted to go to the Yankees, he might have asked his agent to try to work out a deal when he had the chance. Instead, he took a deal here, bought a house here, and moved his family…here. Felix doesn’t want to go to New York, people. Leave him alone. I find myself annoyed with some comments I’ve seen and heard about how nobody on this team is “untouchable”. Obviously, nobody’s going to say that out loud with any authority;  but I really do believe that there are some players on this team that fall under that description not only for the front office, but for themselves as well.  Of course, the Yankees might get so desperate that they’re willing to sell their future for a good arm today, there is always that possibility – but the season hasn’t even started, so maybe we can just settle down for a bit? I feel like I just got in out of the weather, and people aren’t even letting me take my jacket off yet before hurrying me back out the door. Let’s have an actual baseball game on Seattle grass before we start talking (again) about how we need to trade our best pitcher to the freaking Yankees.

I am happy to hear about Alex Liddi being placed with the Tacoma Rainiers. I know everyone was very excited about his hitting in Spring Training, and it was nice to hear about someone in a Mariners uniform doing so well (despite our hitting, the team has been doing pretty decently in Spring Training games this year, as far as I can tell). I will look forward to seeing him down at the new Cheney Stadium, which is having it’s open house on Saturday, April 2nd between 11am and 2pm. I had that marked on the calendar at home, and literally just as I was typing this out realized that there is no way I’ll be able to go, because I have to work Saturdays now. Not cool. I’ll live, but still, not cool.

Tomorrow is the day I wait for all offseason – the day that I can finally sit back on my couch and enjoy a baseball game without having to try and watch it between screens on my computer at work, or listen to the radio or some other online broadcast. Just me, my laptop, and the Seattle Mariners. Oh, and the Brewers. Spring is officially here.

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2 Responses to Odds and ends

  1. Chris from Bothell says:

    So what’s the best way to quickly learn about the MLS schedule, and importance of various games or times of year? I’d give the Sounders a fair shake if their tournament, season, bracket, cup, whichever setup wasn’t so damned impentrable. Every other major sport has nice straightforward seasons, playoffs, offseasons, etc. I can get into football in the fall, spring trainig fr baseball, etc. But I just don’t know when the Sounders games matter…

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