Mariners baseball on TV!

Well, at a time and on a channel I could watch it, at least…

I had some computer problems last night that prevented me from talking about the game immediately after it happened, but all seems right and corrected now…I think. I am a terrible laptop owner. I don’t have a secondary battery, and the power cords I have are mostly worthless. You’d think this would inspire me to upgrade, but I garner a lot of enjoyment from running things into the ground, so here we are.

In any event, I did watch last night’s game in its entirety, repetitive commercials and all. I did start taking notes, but GameDay decided to crash around the 6th inning or so, and then the aforementioned computer problems occurred, and then I just got lazy. But there are some things I wanted to talk about.

Jeff has a post up here mostly about Michael Pineda’s performance. It is matter-of-fact regarding his pitch speed and location, and I’m thankful for it, because it levels me out a bit. What I was thinking as I was watching Pineda’s four innings is more like what Dave Cameron wrote, particularly the headline. I was attempting to keep track of Pineda’s speed and location last night rather than the variety of pitches, but his final line was 65 pitches, 7 hits (yikes!), a walk, 3 strikeouts, and 2 earned runs (I’m doing this from memory, so if I’m off a bit, I apologize). I don’t have the time to look it up at the moment, but I’d be willing to bet that all the hits were on those pesky panic fastballs that Dave referred to in his article. GameDay looked like it was tracking someone who was really good at darts. I don’t feel comfortable saying that Pineda will make the team, but I also don’t feel comfortable saying he won’t. Erik Bedard could go bad at any moment! Based on what little I know of him, I have to think that Pineda will be wearing a Mariners uniform this year, at some point, for some reason. I know, vague much?  I’m still very much into the whole healthy Bedard concept, and would like to see him stay healthy. I don’t get that sort of ‘oh no’ feeling from Pineda that I have gotten from players in the past, so that makes me pretty happy.

I may have said something on Twitter last night in response to a Ryan Divish Tweet (do we capitalize that now?) that made at least one person think I was angry or disappointed by Milton Bradley’s ejection last night. At the time, I didn’t think to properly convey what I was really thinking and do really think about this non-event, so here we go…I’m not angry or disappointed with Bradley for being ejected in and of itself. It happens, and with Bradley, the joke is that it’s just about a guarantee. I think what best describes how I feel about the thing is that I really just want to see the guy play, and if he keeps getting ejected, that lessens my ability to do that. Bad minor league umpire calls (seriously, that pitch Bradley was arguing against was pretty far down and away for being a strike, buddy), players using profanity, and subsequent player tossing is what it is. But Bradley’s not doing much good for us if he’s not on the field. Come to think of it, he’s probably not doing much good for himself, either; that man’s blood pressure must be out of control.

I probably have other things to say this morning, but the hazard of writing in the mornings is that I have the deadline of a bus to catch. If I were going to talk about things more in-depth, they’d be Tom Wilhelmsen’s scrappy inning, Brendan Ryan’s three-run homer, and the Jack Wilson/Brendan Ryan 2B/SS combo, plus jabs at Yuniesky Betancourt because why not. Also, Jeremy Reed still does pretty much the same thing he used to do here, he just does it in a different shade of blue.

We are doing a miraculous job for a team that can’t really hit all that well. Until we were overthrown by our Rockies and Royal overlords last night, we were second in the Cactus League standings. This season probably won’t be great, but maybe it won’t be so terrible. That’d be nice.

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