Gone, baby, gone…

Just a quick update and some griping, both of which I’m really good at…

My laptop power cord is, as the Germans say, kaput. I’m not sure what happened to it, but it’s apparently decided that death is a far more desirable option than keeping my computer afloat. I’m unsure when I will get a new one, so things may be a bit slower around here than normal, as I will have to rely on either Tom’s laptop (like right now), or the computer at work, a machine that cannot process words as fast as I can type them. So bear with me, I’ll get it straightened as soon as I can. That’s my quick update.

Now, for the  griping…

This. Is. Unacceptable.

I fully admit that there is no “real” reason for me to like Garrett Olson. He’s a mediocre reliever, was never very good at starting when he was faced with it, and gave up hits like they were candy and he was riding a parade float. But I liked him. He just seems like a likable guy – takes cooking classes in the offseason, practicing photography whenever he can (and actually takes some pretty good shots – if memory serves, I think Shannon Drayer had some of his photos up on her blog at some point pre-season last year), smiles a lot, and seems to really put his entire being into the art of throwing a baseball. He’s not a guy who blames others for his short-comings, or complains about his failures or the other guys on the team. He just keeps his head down and…works.

When I heard he had been waived the other day, I was a little sad, but thought maybe – just maybe – he could go back to Triple A. I figured that by now, all the other teams would have the guys they needed to take care of business. I mean, we only have like a week and a half before the season starts, right? But baseball doesn’t work that way. Just when you think that maybe it’s possible that your guy will be overlooked by everyone else and just go chill in Tacoma where you might be able to see him throw a few times a season, he gets claimed off waivers by the Pirates. THE FREAKING PIRATES! If it weren’t for Ian Snell, who not only isn’t with us anymore, but isn’t even a baseball player now, I would completely forget that the Pirates exist. The only baseball team in Pennsylvania I care about is the Phillies, and even that is a tenuous bond, based specifically on the amount of elderly Mariners they establish in their collection. The Pirates? Come on! Pittsburgh is a beautiful city, but I literally do not care anything for their sports teams. I just can’t bring myself to bother. So the fact that one of my favorite pitchers is going to be shipped off over there just kills me. I would rather have lemon juice squirted into my eye than have Garrett Olson be a Pittsburgh Pirate.

I guess the only consolation I can take from this is that Olson will have some great scenery to take pictures of, but I will have a little blonde, bearded hole in my heart for a while. First Hyphen and now this. This offseason has been a bummer.

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11 Responses to Gone, baby, gone…

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have similar feelings about the Steel city. I empathize with your sorrow. See you on opening night I hope.

  2. Chris from Bothell says:

    There seems to be a growing trend whereby quirky, unconventional and/or unappreciated pitchers you like, get shipped out. You may need to stop liking pitchers for a while.

    • Megan Shear says:

      Y’know, technically I know it’s in our own best interest to let him go. It doesn’t make it easier, but I *know* he’s not needing to be here for the long haul. I blame RA Dickey, which is how all of this started. haha!

  3. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    I hear you. Who knows why any given player connects with a fan, but it kinda sucks when someone you care about is suddenly gone. I hope that Garrett Olson does well with the Pirates – he seems like a pretty decent guy.

    I think that Wilhelmsen would be an interesting pitcher to follow if he makes the team out of Spring training. Maybe I just have a thing for bartenders. 😉

    • Megan Shear says:

      Has Wilhelmsen been sent down yet? I’m assuming that he won’t be with the big club, am curious to know where he might wind up. Semi-hoping for selfish reasons he’ll land somewhere close…

      • Bart's Evil Twin says:

        Wilhelmsen is still on the roster, but I haven’t heard much about him lately. Hoping he still has a shot at the bullpen.

      • Patrick says:

        Heard a guess that he’ll go to AA to start the year.

  4. Megan Shear says:

    @Patrick LOL I just can’t get into Jamey Wright, but I feel your pain…

    • Patrick says:

      I realize that I can’t spell his name right (wright? *insert groan*), but hey, its his parent’s fault for the “ey” at the end, and also, its Jamey Wright so it’s hard to care enough.

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