Dave gets his street, Pineda gets his rotation spot

Dave Niehaus Way will be a reality! Brilliant. Jeff Sullivan has more. Some people may have an issue with the fact that it’s an “honorary” name, but that’s what I find to be the best part about this – the brown signs below the regular green signs will make it stand out. It’s almost as if it gives Dave more recognition than if they were to formally change everything around. It leaves the surrounding businesses out of having to be imposed upon (I doubt that either Pyramid or whatever that place on the southwest corner is would mind, but still), and still gives the fans what they want. Plus photo opportunities! And a wonderful sense of grandfatherly well-being! Everyone wins, seriously. And it’s said that the signs will be in place by Opening Day. Absolutely perfect.

I know I was sort of complaining about this a while ago, but the fact that Michael Pineda will likely be our number 5 starter actually puts me at ease a little. Greg Johns has it here. He may not be super ready yet, but sometimes there is nothing like the experience gained during a trial by fire. Jeff takes a look at Pineda’s issues with his offspeed pitches, which was what I noticed during his last Wednesday night performance without realizing it was what I was noticing at the time. I am pleased because the number 5 spot has more or less been solidified, but as I was sitting here watching the news and finishing up reading Jeff’s article, I realized that this could lead to what happens a lot here in Seattle, and that is non-acceptance of development on major league ground by fans who don’t know Pineda or don’t understand what’s going on. I spend probably more time than I should overhearing (and actually paying attention to) conversations around me when I’m at games, and while I’ve been pretty good at self-control in the past, I don’t know how much more Mariner-bashing I can deal with. I’ve already been getting the “oh, I’ll buy tickets when they’re good” nonsense from people disappointed in the lack of excitement during the offseason. It’s frustrating, because while I’m very excited about Erik Bedard’s continued health and Pineda’s development, there is really nothing I can say to convince a fan like that to give the team a break (ironically, some of these people are Seahawks fans who don’t seem to have an issue with that particular trainwreck, but I won’t get into that here). Also, I just found this from last year. Jeff Sullivan is spooky.

I just found this from Larry Stone. Wilson Valdez was a Mariner at one point? I just watched that guy turn an amazing play from third to get an out at first during the Red Sox/Phillies game yesterday afternoon. Like running, bare-handed, sideways throw, Adrian Beltre amazing. I feel like I missed out on so much by getting into this so late sometimes…


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2 Responses to Dave gets his street, Pineda gets his rotation spot

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Yay!!! Dave Niehaus Way has a nice ring to it. Drinks all around.

    What is wrong with Pineda as the fifth starter? He gave me an autograph at FanFest, so he must be pretty cool! 😉

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