Late to the party, again

I watched the game on Wednesday, and we didn’t lose badly, but we still lost. Luke French just looked uncomfortable and disinterested on the hill, possibly setting him back a notch in his bid for starter. I am pleased to report that we hit more than the Rockies, 8 to their 6, but we were not hitting for the power necessary to obtain the doubles and RBIs necessary to struggle past Colorado. Even with the Ryan Langerhans smash-fest. I am by no means giving up hope – it’s only one game, and it doesn’t count. I am far from panicking. One could make the arguments about the dry air or the fact that our A squad wasn’t out there against a lot of the Rockies’ usual suspects; and it might be true. All I know is that it wasn’t a crushing loss, and Brandon League was brilliant in his 8th inning, getting two swinging strikeouts and a groundout on 7 pitches total. More of that version of Brandon League would certainly be welcome, especially since he’s slated to be the closer for the first few weeks of the season.

Some of our minor leaguers were cut outright Wednesday, too. Of particular interest to me are the two AquaSox players Hawkins Gebbers and Fred Bello. If you were reading this last year, you may remember me talking about Bello a bit because he was responsible for two inside-the-park home runs, one of which made me break the no-cheering pressbox rule. I got carried away. I don’t remember making a lot of noise, but I did stand up and wave my arms around like a lunatic; did not make that mistake twice (I was new at that point).  The other one had happened the night before at another ballpark. He was fast. Really fast. So fast that I wish more people had been there to see him run. Unfortunately, speed is all Bello really has at the moment, and I imagine that’s why he was cut. Bello is around 25 years old, if memory serves, so I’m not sure what other opportunities await him, but maybe another Single A teams sees a diamond in the rough there, who knows? Gebbers has the same problem minus all the fancy speed. I had hoped we’d keep him anyway – by all accounts he’s a nice guy who just wants to play ball, hunt in the offseason, and spend a lot of time looking like Owen Wilson. I liked him, and wanted him to stick around, but you can’t fight the system.

Just checked my email, and it looks like we had a similar problem against the Royals for yesterday’s game, with all the power hitting and lack of winning. I find it interesting, however, that the hits were still up there – Seattle’s 10 to KC’s 11. A lot of people might find that discouraging, but if you look at the results from the past 6-8 games or so, we are indeed making frequent contact with the ball.  Sometimes that results in actual wins. Whether or not that translates into the season remains to be seen, I suppose. Maybe I need to check out who was pitching for the opponent before I relax further, but we won’t always get the aces during the regular season, either. The regular season, incidentally, that cannot get here soon enough.

I will not be able to watch tonight’s game, as we’ll have company over, but I may try and get the afternoon game up at work, because I can do stuff like that. It sits in the corner of my computer screen, and I can’t focus all my attention on it because, well, work – but having it there is nice. I also wanted to talk about Franklin Gutierrez not being totally fixed yet, but am running out of time. Apologies for that, but the short version is that I don’t like it. Enough said, and have a great Friday, folks.


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2 Responses to Late to the party, again

  1. Jack says:

    I was at Bello’s second inside-the-park home run and it was great fun. He can run. And in the 4th row behind the Aquasox dugout waving arms like lunatics isn’t frowned upon. We also liked Gebbers – his haircuts were a constant topic of discussion. He arrived with a long hair surfer look but then had a baseball cut just a few games into the season.

    Our favorite player last year was Steven Baron (who we started calling “Stevenbaron” as in one word). He looked like he was 14 years old and started the year swinging like he was 14 years old. But then he got better and all year long his defense was amazingly good.

    • Megan Shear says:

      That was the one I was at, too – people were going nuts! The guy from the Herald didn’t seem too happy about me and Conor standing up and freaking out, but hey, everyone’s got to learn that lesson, I suppose. 🙂

      Steve Baron has been cause for some confidence lately. According to Jay over at USSM, he’s made some changes to his swing, and it appears to be improving his overall ability. Baron seems like a nice kid, I really want him to do well – and yeah, his defense is great, I have no complaints. 🙂

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