Doing my own research at the Safe

The picture in the previous post was a subject of a bit of discussion this morning between myself and several others, including superfan and bullpen diva Carla Sanders. The main point of contention was whether or not there would be plexiglass between the pitchers in the bullpen and the fans, their food, and their beer on the concourse in the Bullpen Market. I work downtown, and curiosity got the best of me, so I had Tom pick me up after work so I could drop by the Team Store, and check out the mystery for myself.

As of this Saturday afternoon, I can verify that no, there is no plexiglass, netting, or anything else in the open-air space over the food bar, nothing separating the fans from the guys in the pen. Whether this will change or not is, of course, to be seen, but for now, it’s not enclosed. Unfortunately, I could not get a photo of this, because the walls of the stadium where gates used to be are now covered by giant windows. The glare would have been atrocious. On the other side of the windows are what looks like bits and pieces of new furniture, and possibly wooden t-shirt racks, though nothing is really obvious just yet.  The Mariners FaceBook page has about 7 pictures up of the gutted insides of the Bullpen Market, and various in-progress changes being made. I took these:

If you’ve been down in this area, you know that there used to be not only a hot wings kiosk, but an entire beer bar. The area in front of the fence was where several tall tables would be.

A little bit of a closer view. Now that I can see it in a space where I’m not trying to avoid my camera getting wet, it is obvious that the things in the foreground are kegs.

If you’re coming through the center field entrance, this is what you’ll be greeted with. I wholeheartedly approve. That area needed a revamping badly, and I’m glad the organization is sprucing things up a bit. Plus, GIANT RANDY!

What I had initially gone to the stadium for, though, was this:

Since I’m back in the work force and have to wear the dreaded yoke of security tags, I figure I might as well represent in style. I’d have had one of these a lot sooner, but since I’ve been following the game, I haven’t needed one, nor have I been on a tour. Note the stylish Orca pass, helpfully color-coordinated.

I got to listen to most of today’s game, though I was working in a room with a loud machine, and through lack of attention to what was actually being said on the radio, then a complete and utter misreading of a friend’s Tweet, I spent a good 10 minutes today thinking that Michael Saunders was on the DL, in addition to Franklin Gutierrez. But now that I know he’s fine, and that all is right with Ryan Langerhans, Gutz’s DL stint doesn’t seem as threatening. Sounded like Michael Pineda had a great day, too, against a big chunk of the Milwaukee Brewers’ starting lineup. I could not be more pleased. We lost of course because who the hell is Brian Moran there was a sacrifice fly in the 10th inning, but the hit count was still up there, compared to Milwaukee’s. Now if we could only figure a way to get those runs IN, that’d be just dandy.

Tomorrow it looks like we mess with Texas, and Luke French gets another chance to impress. Should be a good one.

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