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Josh Wilson was released today. I’m a little sad about this, and also surprised. I may have been the only person in Seattle not complaining about the littler of the two Wilsons, but I think that’s because passable defense always blinds me to offense, regardless of how bad it is or isn’t. I shouldn’t let it, but it does. I never had an issue with Wilson at short, and in the context of the 2010 Mariners and bits of the 2009 Mariners, he seemed to fit in fairly well with whatever direction the team happened to be taking. He was a good go-to for the press for interviews, seemed like a good kid, etc. It’s just one of those things that happens when you least expect it. I was never heavily attached to him as a player here, but it always made me happy to see him on the FSN pre-game show, or post game after he’d been part of a play or made something happen on his own. But he was not good, and for a team trying to right the ship, it was maybe his time to take one for that team. It happens. I’m going to miss his chipper little face, and I hope he winds up somewhere else soon.

According to Rebecca Hale from the public information department, those Dave Niehaus patches are indeed going to be sold at Mariners Team Stores.  Another Tweet from King 5 Sports cites that proceeds will go to charity. Per the King 5 feed, as well, they don’t go on sale until April 8th. So don’t call the SafeCo Field Team Store and confuse poor Brian, like I did a short while ago. Brian did tell me that it was highly likely that their customization center would sew the patches onto a jersey for fans, but he could not tell me how much they might charge to do so. I’m going to set aside a little cash, just in case. I’d rather have it done professionally than try and do a hack job at hand-sewing, and I like the fact that it’s not just an initial, that it’s more of a celebration of Dave rather than a dwelling on his passing.  The man occupied a special place in baseball history, and I’ll be happy to wear something displaying that. It’s Dave. Better recognize.

I’ve been watching this Cougars/California game on FSN. The Cougars are just terrible. Morgan Ensberg is doing some of the commentary, but that’s not much consolation. The kid on the mound for California has been mowing down WSU batters left and right (only one hit in 6 innings so far, no runs), and Cali’s defense is just a wee bit superior to the Cougs.The Cougars pitcher is still on the hill for the bottom 6th, but he’s allowed 9 hits already. For his sake, I hope this is just for college credit.

I’m going to spend the remainder of my day hoping that the Mariners don’t decide to take a hedge trimmer to the rest of the team. I prefer to ease into the cold water, rather than have it dumped on top of me.

EDIT: Adam Kennedy was added to the roster, as well.


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