New FaceBook page

If you’re so inclined, I have revamped the blog page over at FaceBook. Unfortunately this means you’ll have to refollow if you were there already, but what it also means is that if you’re a personal friend, you won’t be bothered by double posting, which I have been trying to figure out for ages how to undo. This is a personal victory for which I’d like to thank Jon over at ProBallNW for using, and Conor for telling me about. Seriously, y’all have saved my head of hair, which was on the verge of being pulled out.

Also, FeedBurner can blow. Importing my comments only? What’s that about? In any event, I’m free from its tyranny! So “Like” me!

EDIT; ah, curses, maybe you will be bothered by double-posting. Let me see if I can fix that…

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