Remodeled Cheney Stadium open house

I have had this email sitting in my inbox for ages, and kept forgetting to post it here. I will, quite unfortunately, be at work during the time this is going on, otherwise I’d be there in a heartbeat. But anyone who can should definitely go, it sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I will not be at the Rainiers home opener due to not being quick enough to get tickets in a proper seat (and I have no desire to sit on possibly-wet grass to watch a game), but I plan to get down there to see the new stadium as soon as humanly and financially possible. Anyway, the details for tomorrow’s festivities are as follows:

Come on in-the new Cheney Stadium is OPEN! 
 Rainiers fans, the wait is over.  Saturday, April 2nd we will open the gates to the brand new Cheney Stadium at the annual Pre-Season Party. This is your first chance to walk through the gates of Cheney Stadium and see the rebirth of a legend up close.
Check out all the fun & excitment taking place at the Pre-Season Party this Saturday, April 2nd from 11AM-2PM:

  • FREE hotdogs & soda
  • Tours of the brand new Cheney Stadium
  • Select-A-Seat: Purchase a new season ticket plan and take in the view from your exact seat
  • NEW Rainiers Team Store-Awesome new Rainiers gear
  • Box Office is OPEN to purchase single game tickets or click here to purchase online now
  • Kids Zone on the Alaska Airlines Family Terrace: face painters, bounce house and balloon artists
  • Open to the public-entrance and parking is FREE-Please note: Cheyenne entrace will be closed
  • Season Ticket Holders, pick up your 2011 tickets

Be prepared to be in awe.  This legend will not disappoint. We’ll see you on Saturday, April 2nd from 11AM-2PM.
Go Rainiers!

Chip Maxson
Vice President, Tacoma Rainiers

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5 Responses to Remodeled Cheney Stadium open house

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Went to the open house with a friend from Tacoma, and stopped at E-9 for a couple of beers afterwards. (Quite the surprise, I know!) Looks like they did a really nice job on the remodel, and am looking forward to watching the Rainiers play this year in the “new” Cheney stadium. 🙂

    • Megan Shear says:

      Are there new seats? Is there new food, outside of that massive burger? Does the field look nicer? Spill it! 😉

      • Bart's Evil Twin says:

        The main entrance to Cheney Stadium is a lot more impressive than the old entrance, and the team store is much nicer and bigger. Forgot to bring a camera (d’oh), so will have to remember to have it with me to the next Rainiers game we go to.

        Not sure about total seating capacity, but one of the employees said he thought it was similar to last year (approx. 7,100 or so). Some seating was removed, but other seating was added. One of the most noticeable changes is a grass berm next to right field, where some bleachers were removed. I guess the idea is that you can sit on a blanket on the grass and watch the game. The Dugout Club would be pretty cool (and expensive), since you go to the seating area (behind home plate) using the same tunnel as the Rainiers. We walked through the Rainiers dugout (next to third base) and locker room, and they look somewhat similar to Safeco (not as nice of course). There is still some covered seating, but not as much. The bullpens are in left field, and look a lot better than the old bullpens.

        Don’t know what the food is like, since the only thing that they had today was hot dogs and chips. It did look like there would be some new food options, and they are claiming that service will be faster with the new kitchen equipment, etc.

        All in all it was really nice, and it looked like it should be ready to go on opening day!

  2. Megan Shear says:

    I might really dig the grass idea, if the weather was super nice. One thing I’ve noticed about Cheney is that it gets cold there pretty easily the minute the sun goes down – must be the wind coming off the water where the bridge is or something. Sitting on the ground might enhance that, but if it was a super hot day, it would be great.

    I was given a booklet for Christmas with the proposed renovations in it, but they were all drawings. I might have to take it with me when I go and see how the proposals and reality compare. 🙂

    • Bart's Evil Twin says:

      It seemed to me that the drawings I saw matched the reality pretty closely. It sort of reminds me of the stadium in Peoria (seating is really close to the field, plus seating on a grass berm), except that it also has luxury suites. I think it will be really enjoyable, and am looking forward to seeing the Rainiers this year.

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