‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Mariners Christmas!

While I haven’t had the time over the past few days to sit down and write, I’ve been trying to keep my ears and eyes open to everything that’s going on. There’s been so much going on, though, in the world of baseball, that even just gathering information has proven overwhelming; so I’ve chosen the path of least resistance, sticking to amassing and mentally processing news updates, rather than attempting to write anything about it here. For those of you who keep staying with me as I flounder along, I appreciate it. Also, if the site looks weird, I guess I can apologize for that, though I have no clue what’s causing it. WordPress must be having issues.

So we find out today that Adam Moore’s tax for being yesterday’s starting catcher is a torn meniscus that will require surgery. Ugh, is pretty much what I have to say about that. This of course leaves us with Miguel Olivo, Josh Bard, and Chris Jimenez. If it hasn’t already been announced, Josh Bard is likely our man, and some lucky guy from Double A gets to move on up to the west side (please let it be Steve Baron). I’m OK with this. I like Josh Bard. I have no idea what he did during Spring Training, but beggars can’t be choosers, and right now we’re pretty poverty-stricken at the dish. Maybe I’m just so glad that no option here includes the words “Rob” or “Johnson” that I’m blind to any negative argument this situation might produce. I’m pretty secure with an Olivo/Bard catching battery. I hope Moore is able to recover soon and get back on his feet. Pun sort of intended.

I still feel pretty bleak about the past three games, but getting to see Michael Pineda throw against Texas was just swell. The phrase “same $hit, different day” has been thrown around in regards to our offense’s inability to give our pitchers any run support, and I would tend to agree. Winning against the A’s shoddy defense is not really enough to give much of an indication as to what the Mariners hitters can truly do, and I don’t want to say that you can make a judgment about them based on their performance against Texas, either. Alexi Ogando was fun to watch  the other day, though, from the standpoint of not really having seen him do much before (honestly, I can’t remember, even though I was told he was in the Rangers’ pen last year). I’d be curious to know how he does against teams with better hitting. But I digress…the urge to make a definitive statement about how this season is going to go is very strong, starting off before our home opener at 2-4. But I’m trying to keep that urge in check. Every year it’s the same thing, you’d think I’d learn by now.

But enough with this, on to happier things, sort of bullet-style…

As we all knew, Dave Niehaus Way S is going to become a reality. It was pretty much a done deal, but it’s nice to have it be more city-official now. It looks like they’re going to have the unveiling/placement ceremony tomorrow right as I’m getting off work. That is OK, I can see it any time now, and I have a long weekend full of baseball ahead of me, so there will be plenty of time to get to the street corners and check it out. Probably Sunday, as I’ll be meeting a friend at Jimmy’s before the afternoon game.

Ah, the bullpen. A lot of people might not care about the bullpen, but I am unnecessarily obsessed with it. Not the pitchers in the bullpen, mind you, because caring about that is so last year (I kid, I kid). I am more concerned now with the pen itself. Some of us had been thinking that it would be unheard of, crazy in fact, to have a  bullpen that was open to the public – no fencing, no plexiglass, no net. They have to have something to protect the players, we said. They have to have a barrier between the fans and the pitchers, because without that kind of separation, who knows what kind of  craziness might happen?  There were discussions about this, even offline. I even talked about it with Tom, it so concerned me, and if I’m talking with Tom about something baseball-related, it’s usually of some significance.  What team would have the kind of insanity, the kind of brass doorknobs it would take to have a bullpen that was, for all intents and purposes, out in the open? What team? WHAT TEAM?!?

The Seattle Mariners, that’s what team!!!!!!!  This picture was tweeted just Tuesday night, with the Rainiers taking batting practice. No net, no glass, no safety rigging. This is it. We’ll see how long this experiment lasts. Granted, Seattle fans are not known for rowdiness, and would probably rather shush you than throw a punch, but we’ll see. I would like to thank whomever came up with this idea, and on behalf of all of us who enjoy practicing sports and motion photography, we salute you.

Lastly, UPS did my bidding, and any random neighborhood children stayed away from my porch and the things on it, and I now have my white shoes. They’re new and therefore will probably make my feet sad tomorrow, since I have less than 24 hours to break them in, and saying I’m going to “break them in” by tomorrow at 4pm is pretty optimistic of me. In any event, ta-da!

They’ll get a workout taking me to Temple Billiards for a bit to meet some friends, then off to SafeCo for some sensory overload and baseball. Tomorrow’s going to be a good day. Go Mariners!


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