Opening Disaster

There is nothing I can say about tonight’s game that will make it better, so I’m not even going to try. Those of us in attendance were horrified, and those of us watching it on TV were glad we weren’t with those of us in attendance. I also don’t have the time tonight to get into everything, but I do have a ton of video, including Macklemore’s performance, the red carpet on the field, and Marilyn Neihaus and the Niehaus family throwing out the first pitch to Felix Hernandez. I’m going to have to put them all up tomorrow after work. I’m pushing my luck as it is being up this late.

One quick thing, though. Jack Wilson isn’t injured, and he wasn’t taken out of the game the other day in Texas – he took himself out of the game. I hope I properly understand this in my current state of exhaustion, and can paraphrase the article – Jack Wilson took himself out of a game against the Texas Rangers because he didn’t feel like he could play it anymore. The first thing that came to mind upon reading this a few minutes ago was that time early last season when Wilson had thrown out the word “retirement” at least once. But that was glossed over and we never spoke of it again. Everything seemed fine. Now, not so much, and it appears that Eric Wedge is not pleased about it in the biggest possible way. I’m not so stoked, either; I like Wilson, and I want him to play, especially after the train wreck Adam Kennedy created tonight. We need Jack Wilson.

There’s nothing more to say. I need a book, some socks, and 7 hours of sleep. More tomorrow, after I’ve had some time to put all of this into some perspective.

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5 Responses to Opening Disaster

  1. hap says:

    Thanks for the update! For those of us who work at the ballpark it was a tough night as well! I did not get to see any of the ceremonies as I had to have my back to the field 😦 Same with most of the game…but that was more of a blessing than it sounds last night!! I did give out a ton of baseball (antique mariner) cards last night, and it was WONDERFUL to see many of my season ticket holders returning from the long winter of no baseball! What did you think of the “PEN” and the new design around the bullpens?? Word is that that area will open earlier than the regular gates (for about 1000 people only) and folks will get to see more of the early (mariners) batting practice.
    I think everyone got home exhausted last night!!
    Still, baseball is back in town and that is a GOOD thing!!

    • Megan Shear says:

      Well, you may be in a bit of luck, I got a lot of the ceremonies on video, and will hopefully have some time later after work to post them. We were sitting in row 9 by the railing, too, so my view was unobstructed (thank you, ticket agent!)
      I’m going to have to reserve my bullpen assessment until probably tomorrow afternoon, when I can actually go hang out down there for a bit. It was too crowded last night. The liquor bar, comfy couches, and enclosed-flame fireplaces are a nice touch, but again, with so many people, taking pictures would have proven very difficult. I couldn’t get anywhere near the actual bullpen because of all the people there.
      The game was awful, and drama is afoot, but I am hoping for the best that things get straightened out.
      What section did you say you worked in again?

    • Conor Dowley says:

      Wait, Hap? What section do you work?

  2. Don Waugh Esq says:

    Care to weigh in on the sadness that is Manny and the Rays? I’d like to hear from a fan who’s passionate about the sport but not buried in local bickering.

    • Megan Shear says:

      Well, I don’t know much about how the Rays are doing these days, but I have never liked Manny Ramirez. I think some of this comes from his days in Boston, and the fact that my friend Eric was so sad upon hearing that he was a user. Eric was really disappointed. I also hate the whole ‘Manny being Manny’ nonsense. The guy is a grown man who acts like an idiot child, and I just don’t have any patience for that. Grow the hell up. He had millions of Red Sox fans snowed into thinking he was just a guy who wanted to play baseball, when in reality he is a selfish jackass who only cares about himself and his money. So really, I’m kind of glad to see him gone, and the way he left – it just proves what I’ve always thought about him.

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