That which cannot be talked about

Taking a page out of Larry Stone’s book

I spent a lot of time during the game in a training session for work, but I heard enough, or at least I heard what I needed to hear. A 7-0 shutout on Felix Day? You’re killing me Smalls. Killing me. I am on the verge of buying a shirt for every other team in the American League, so at least this year I’ll be on the right side for all the games I go to. I’ve already got my Orioles shirt, and have been browsing various sites for a nice Phillies T for when they come to town…would it really be all that painful to throw a Yankees or Twins or Rangers shirt on? Up until now I’ve been afraid that such an action might cause irreversible 3rd degree burns, and a lot of smoke with me squeaking like the devil under the influence of holy water in a movie – but would it really be so awful to jump over that gap to the other side? Would setting aside my pride for a season really be such a terrible thing to do?

I kid, of course. Because I’m a sucker.

There are going to be other people who write about this game today, and they are probably going to write something more objective and more analytical than I could ever bring myself to do. The objectivity is the most difficult. This has just started far too early this year – I had hoped that we could collect some wins at first so the downgrade would be more gradual, but this starting our descent right out of the gate is really difficult to deal with. I was thinking earlier today about my adoration of underdogs, which is pretty much the only thing keeping me interested in baseball right now. It is this twisted interest I insist on maintaining that keeps me coming back and watching these games. This space this year will become a massive labor of love, because it’s sure not being bourne out of anything else. Not right now.

Someone brought up on Twitter today that what he was seeing was that our RISP situation is so awful because the hitters and runners who can hit and run are already on base, while the act of bringing them in is left to the most vulnerable of our order. Despite the fact that we have been able to get men on – especially in the later innings – there are far too many pop-ups, flyouts, and groundouts for those guys to run in, and that fact is producing the nails in our coffin. And all that smack I was talking a while back about pitching and defense? I’m now no longer sure. In theory, yes, our defense should be much better.  But, as with everything else, it’s not consistent. I prefer Saunders over Bradley, Gutierrez over Langerhans (I know we can’t do much about that now, and after he was scratched from last night’s start, who knows how much longer we have to wait?), and I want Angels Figgins to make a triumphant return, because I sure haven’t seen that guy here. I want Jack Cust to hit like he did in Spring Training, and I want Ichiro to stop making mistakes in right. Don’t get me started on the bullpen, I just don’t have the energy today.

But I still love this team. So I’ll enjoy my night away from baseball and with friends tonight, and then I’ll get up tomorrow morning, and turn the game on.

Because I’m a sucker.

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8 Responses to That which cannot be talked about

  1. Patrick says:

    I know you were joking buuuut…. If I ever catch you wearing Yankees paraphernalia, you are dead to me… 😉

  2. Megan Shear says:

    Eric – I have been debating that, actually, and soon. I just want the weather to get better, because it can get so cold with the breeze coming through down there, and for some reason this year I’ve had a ridiculous time staying warm. 😦

    • Bart's Evil Twin says:

      Agreed. The day I was there for the stadium tour the breeze was really cold!

      I haven’t been to a game in Cheney this year either, but will definitely go to a game there one of these days. It is really nice there when the weather is decent (July or August). 😉

      • Megan Shear says:

        Funny enough, I’ve started to come out of my just-woke-up haze, and am now fighting the urge to go down there for a game today. Will likely stay here and watch the Mariners game, not sure I’m all that happy about it. 😦

  3. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Well, at least Pineda is pitching. That might be worth watching. 🙂

    • Megan Shear says:

      Yeah, I haven’t gone anywhere yet. 🙂 I’m not gonna lie, though, after seeing a few photos and video of the stadium, I’m really stoked for my first visit, the possibility of more bad baseball or not…

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