Allergy meds and baseball do not mix

So it turns out that the tree pollen count in the area is skyrocketing, and my histamine system is a hater of the tree pollen. I went to SafeCo today, but all hopped up on generic Claritin and lacking sunglasses is no way to watch a mid-day baseball game in partial sun. I spent some time in my actual seats, then went downstairs for a while and Tom and I grabbed a beer and game- and people-watched until the bottom of the 8th, when we decided to get up to the main concourse and sort of walk off the remainder of the thing while getting into position to make a run for the gates and car.  We stood near section 134 and watched Adam Kennedy hit his home run (right after, I don’t mind telling you, I said to Tom “I’d be shocked if they hit anything off this guy.”), and then to see Milton Bradley swing at anything that squirreled it’s way into his line of sight, then, unceremoniously, the final out of the inning, giving the Tigers the series.

I hear I missed a great one last night, while I was trying to sleep off my allergies (go ahead, laugh – I thought I was sick). And maybe it wasn’t even great – maybe the Tigers pitching folded, or their defense was just having a terrible night. Maybe we didn’t technically “deserve” the win. But it was a win, and I missed it.

Erik Bedard today gave the Tigers all three of the runs they obtained, and David Pauley was thankfully able to come in for some very effective long relief in the 6th, where he stayed for the remainder of the game, not allowing Detroit to score anymore. Our defense was decent – outside of some Chone Figgins…what would you call it? It looked lazy to me, or maybe it was just slow, I don’t know. What I can tell you is that just about any other third baseman would have at least tried to make the two plays today that Figgins just sort of let roll. Even Jose Lopez would have at least given it a shot to throw to first. I’m going to stop here, because allergy medicine and my growing headache are just making me mean, and I don’t like being mean here, even though I really probably should. Figgins should have made or at least tried to make those plays, but he held onto the ball and just went limp, as if the potential for making them never existed. The crowd let him know, too. But outside of Figgins, the defense was alright, there were no Vaudevillian misses or fumbles, no losing the ball in the sun or not diving for it well enough. Bedard just wasn’t hitting his mark, and from where I was sitting, it looked like most of his pitches were going downward, as if he was throwing sliders every time, and not very good ones. The batters got wise to it, and we lost.

It was nice to see this Carlos Peguero fellow, even though he was never really given the opportunity to do much fancy in the way of defense, and that whole 0-for-4 thing…we matched the Tigers hits, just couldn’t drive anything in to save the game. Unfortunate. I really do try to stay positive here. I love the Mariners, I love baseball. But this team is not making it easy for me this year. I don’t know what else to say, but it feels like it’s taken me about two hours to write this, because I’m so foggy-headed. If you don’t have allergies, hope you never do, and hope you never develop them. I miss those days…

One last thing, too – my heart goes out to Justin Smoak and his family. Believe it or not, Tom was the one who told me the news that Smoak’s father had passed away. I knew Smoak had gone on bereavement leave to take care of his father and be with family, but did not know about his father passing until I was actually at the game today. I cannot imagine the loss of a parent, and the Smoak family has my deepest condolences and are in my thoughts.

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6 Responses to Allergy meds and baseball do not mix

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    I won’t laugh, since I’m beginning to think I have allergies also (besides being allergic to hard work, of course). 😉

    Is it just me, or is Bedard not real impressive so far this year? I know, small sample size, shoulder surgery, etc. Am kinda interested in hearing more about your impressions of him today.

    My thoughts are with Justin. It is really tough to loose one of your parents, and his dad wasn’t very old. 😦

    • Megan Shear says:

      It’s not just you, and I don’t know that I’m necessarily interested in the way of the sample size with him anymore, I think by now it’s time we pin some of this on him. He’s had four outings this month, and in precisely none of them has he looked even close to being a decent pitcher – and certainly not a starter. Maybe I’m just irritable because I’m tired of losing, I don’t know – but his win-loss record cannot really be blamed on his fielders, and indeed, his FIP so far is 7.90. Yikes!

      I guess one could make the argument that he only allowed 3 runs, and if our offense was an offense, that would be a positive, but our offense is exactly our offense, so Bedard needed to be better. The first inning home runs I’m getting kind of tired of. :/ I’m not going to be mad, but I’ll go into those games assuming the worst so I can be super happy when or if I get something better. *sigh*

  2. Chris from Bothell says:

    Get well soon. 😦

    I was at that game also, if I was more coordinated I would have tried to meet at the Pen or something. Or hell, I probably just could have shouted for you, given the crowd size.

    The Pen looks nice, and the open-air thing is very clever; I hadn’t realized they were getting away with the no-barrier thing by essentially moving everyone back and up by close to 3 feet.

    And I think I picked the right portion of the game to wander the park with my friend and check out the Pen and the museum. I liked the parade of kids in the lineup today; Bedard and especially Pauley really gave them a legitimate chance to win. Peguero was just as large in person as I thought. I liked that he was given the chance to just hack away. It was also vaguely cathartic to be able to shout at Figgins in person when he dropped that liner at him in the 5th or so. Doubly so because our seats were only a few rows back from the visiting dugout.

    Oh! And I got to see up close and in person that Miguel Cabrera is a Real Nice Guy(tm). He went out of his way to get an extra game ball for a kid who was trying and failing at the end of each Tigers inning to get one from the pitcher coming in, then waved and flashed him a huge smile. Always nice to see players who get it.

    • Megan Shear says:

      I think Cabrera’s wife might disagree on the Nice Guy thing, but I realize that players as players and as people are two different things. And I’m glad he was cool with the kids – they deserve it, and they don’t understand big people problems.

      I guess I’d feel better about Bedard if he HADN’T spent the last four games giving up home runs and allowing the opposition to toss him around like a rag doll. It just doesn’t seem like he can dial it in just yet, and it’s costing us. The pitchers HAVE to know the fielders can’t hit, and that these games are pretty much up to them to take care of. I hate to sound like a big crabby jerk, but this season doesn’t feel very good so far. 😦

      Sorry – I’m totally not jumping on you – it’s just depressing, y’know?

  3. Chris from Bothell says:

    Oh, gah – spaced on the off-field issues with Cabrera. Bother. Well, if I can cheer for Uncle Miltie… bleh.

    And yes, of course the season isn’t very good so far. I’m trying to see the positive with Bedard, because his attitude is better than ever, his health is holding up, and this game was evidence of what we could get out of him (i.e. a reliable 4th starter).

    • Megan Shear says:

      I’m trying to be positive. I still maintain that the worst day at the baseball park is still better than the best day at work. There’s not much I can do, so I might as well just enjoy the little things as they come and watch this year’s story unfold.

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