Currently not the worst team in baseball

I keep thinking that it was so much easier to find time to write over the last two years, then realizing why – I was in school. This whole getting-up-at-5 thing is really putting a kink in the hose of real life…

Another win over the Tigers last night brings a bit of good news – we are now doing better than either the Twins or the White Sox, Houston and San Diego. We’re even a few points above the Cubs. Still not as well as Baltimore though. All of this could change later today as we meet with the Red Sox, but I’ll take a few hours to bask in it this morning. I’m not going to dance in any streets just yet (mostly because it’s really busy out there right now), but it’s kind of a fun thing to come across on this fine Friday morning. It’s something I can recall fondly in September, after things have all gone horribly wrong

Michael Pineda was astounding yesterday, as was, again, our batting lineup. I have never quite understood the reality of the batting lineup – why would Miguel Olivo hit so much better at 4 than he would at 9 – but I will take whatever Eric Wedge is serving up lately. I want Franklin Gutierrez and David Aardsma to come back and be well, but I’m almost afraid to disturb the current balance of the Mariners universe right now. We don’t have lineups for this afternoon’s start against Boston just yet, but I’m sort of hoping they keep it the same. Not because I think that it’s a no-fail lineup, but because I’m genuinely curious to see if it works against other teams. Two of the Tigers pitchers were right handed, and Phil Coke was just awful, so maybe Daisuke Matsuzaka will bring us back down to earth a little bit. I really don’t normally pay much attention to the left/right thing. Does anyone know if we have had more success against righties this year? I don’t mean to sound or remain ignorant, I just figure this game is as much about luck as it is about skill a lot of the time.

I don’t really have much else, but I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the Everett AquaSox FanFest is coming up next month:

EVERETT, Wash. — The 13th annual Everett AquaSox FanFest will be held on Sunday, May 22nd at Everett Memorial Stadium (3800 Broadway, Everett) from 11am-3pm. FanFest is a free event for the public, giving fans the opportunity to visit the stadium, enjoy ballpark favorites, meet the AquaSox staff and mascots, and take batting practice on the field.

FanFest is also the first day that single game tickets go on sale to the general public for the 2011 AquaSox Season in person or by phone. The 2011 season’s packed promotional schedule will be highlighted by seven fireworks displays, numerous premium giveaway nights and celebration of the 2010 Northwest League Championship.  

Additional fun and fan appreciation includes:

  • “Game Day” artwork contest for kids
  • National Anthem and MC auditions
  • Batting practice and fielding areas open to the public
  • Multiple game packages and single game seats available for purchase
  • Ballpark favorites available at the concession stand
  • Fun for children with appearances by team personalities Webbly & Frank as well as inflatable games
  • 2011 team merchandise will be available

Those interested in participating in anthem or MC auditions must pre-register by calling 425-258-3673 by Wednesday, May 18th.

The AquaSox Home Opener is June 22nd at 7:05pm versus the Vancouver Canadians. Season tickets, group outings and both 12 and 16 game packages are available. Call (425) 258-3673 or visit for more information.

I will likely not be able to go to this, but I am looking forward to their Opening Day. It will be exciting to get back up there since we have lost so many ‘Sox players to promotion over the offseason and during Spring Training, and take a look at this year’s crop of newbies. Looks like we don’t quite have a full roster yet, but there are already a couple names there that I don’t necessarily recognize. Should be a fun year.

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2 Responses to Currently not the worst team in baseball

  1. Chris from Bothell says:

    “Does anyone know if we have had more success against righties this year? ”

    Far from it. Scroll over to the right in the standings and as of this morning, before the Boston series, Ms are 6-10 vs. righties and 5-5 vs. lefties.

    FWIW, probably unsurprisingly, their team average against lefties is middle of the pack (.265) but their team average against righties is 2nd worst to only the Padres (.214). Their wOBA seems to track about the same. So sayeth Fangraphs. No fancy-schmancy filtering for # of plate appearances, but the dumb 2 minutes over coffee answer seems to be “nope, righties pwn them.”

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