Quick words

I won’t be able to watch the game today, but maybe it’s for the best – I am still feeling cautious about the Ms these days. I got to listen to/watch most of yesterday’s game, and I was totally kept on the edge of my seat. Jack Cust’s crazy hit off the Green Monster was pretty satisfying, and Brandon League having a relatively easy go at closer again was also strangely appealing. The game was close, and those games are far more interesting than beating a team by a mile or losing in the way that the Mariners are wont to do. I firmly approve. It’s still a pretty small pool to pick examples out of, but we’re not doing poorly right now.

Doug Fister has another chance at a win today against the marvelous wonder that is John Lackey. I will have my phone on me, and will be checking into Twitter from time to time to see if I can get game updates, so I won’t be completely away from everything. Lackey’s pitching is slightly better than his ERA would indicate (he currently stands at a 4.56 when set apart from his defense), and unfortunately I don’t know too much about his success rate this year other than what the numbers I’m already familiar with show, but RotoGraphs doesn’t seem to think all that highly of him so far. Or, that writer just doesn’t like Phoenix all that much, I’m not sure which.

Whatever the case, I’m interested in the results. Let’s go Ms!

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  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Who are these guys???

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