Drama afoot!

I have nothing to say about today’s game that doesn’t involve a litany of swears.

I spent some time this afternoon out in the yard, listening to the post-game show with Matt Pitman and Shannon Drayer, something I don’t do a whole lot simply because I’m not usually around a radio during that time. The big topic of discussion seemed to revolve around Milton Bradley and his lack of defense. And offense. And his ejections, attitude, and general Milton Bradley-ness. A point was brought up that Bradley might be better in the DH position so he didn’t have to deal with fielding, because frankly, we have better fielders. But Shannon Drayer said that Bradley has been asked about that before, and people were told, and I’m paraphrasing here, that Bradley stated that he had to be in the field, that DHing wasn’t acceptable. I actually laughed out loud. It would be one thing if Bradley was consistent or effective, or consistently effective, or effectively consistent. But he’s not, and today that deficiency likely cost us the game. Though there is no guarantee that the Mariners bats would have been able to get past the White Sox relievers in the extra innings, there is absolute certainty that Bradley’s fielding allowed runs that another defender might not have allowed.

And now there’s this news; Mike Wilson is being called up from Tacoma. Ichiro is doing fine, and Michael Saunders is satisfactory in the defense department (though he really needs to start hitting dependably), and Mike Wilson is an outfielder. So what’s going on? As I’m typing this, there is discussion on Twitter about the possibility of DFA’ing Chris Ray – I guess Eric Wedge has talked about going to a 6-man bullpen, and Ray hasn’t been cutting it much for us anyway…or not – now I’m seeing Tweets that Wedge isn’t comfortable with a 6-man pen. A bunch of other names are being tossed around, some I expected (Tom Wilhelmsen), some I definitely would not (Jack Cust). Whatever the case, if word isn’t handed down sometime tonight, I’m guessing that things are going to look a little different tomorrow morning for the Mariners.

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