That’s the only word I can think of for that game.  I only got home from work just before extra innings started, but still got treated to plenty of wackiness.  Want a visual aid?  Check out the win probability chart for the game, helpfully illustrated by Lookout Landing.  The graphic is most appropriate.

Thirteen innings!  Six strong innings from Pineda!  Horrible calls by home plate ump Angel Hernandez (and there were several)!  A benches clearing scuffle!  Chris Ray with a clutch inning of relief!  Jack Wilson with a clutch double!  Mike Wilson with his first major-league base-hit to drive in Jack and take the lead!  Brandon League blowing the save after bizarre combinations of horrible and fortunate defensive plays!

It should be noted that on Mike Wilson’s RBI “single”, there was a complete lack of good baseball by anyone involved in the play.  It was an ugly swing from Mike that he just kind of muscled up and just out of the infield.  Jack Wilson had wandered WAY too far away from second base for where the ball was headed, and if J.J. Hardy hadn’t inexplicably dropped the ball, Jack would have been doubled off with minimal effort.  I know that makes the moment less magical, but it really needed to be pointed out.

Yeah, it was a weird night.

Oh, and as a public service announcement of sorts: the umpire crew for this series is the crew headed up by “Cowboy” Joe West.  He and Hernandez are two of the most hated umps in the game, because they seem to rather fond of forcing themselves in to the game and getting themselves noticed, be it for making poor calls or ejecting people left and right (there was a piece on Hardball Talk a few days ago that said that West’s crew has the highest ejection rate in the league over the last year, and it wasn’t even close).  Be prepared for more head-scratching calls for the remainder of the series.

Not much more to say than that, really.  What a bizarre game.

Oh. Well, listening to the postgame show, maybe there is more to say.  While I was at work, I missed the news that David Aardsma is back on the shelf for a long time yet with a major elbow strain that could ultimately lead to Tommy John surgery.  Yikes.  So much for the nearing bolstering of the bullpen…

Friendly reminder: If you’re interested in following the M’s minor leaguers, go check out my new blog, Mariners Farm Review.

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2 Responses to Insanity

  1. Chris from Bothell says:

    Conor, I assume you saw this tidbit about Joe West:!/jeffphowe/status/67677055541710848

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