Monday around the internet

This was going around the internet yesterday, so you might have already seen it, but I figured I’d share anyway. I don’t know that I’ve ever thought to compare Ichiro Suzuki with any other baseball player. I’ve always sort of accepted that he is a unique snowflake  in the world of the game, a player with no equal. And though I really like Adrian Gonzalez, I certainly never would have thought to place the two players anywhere near each other in comparison. I think that’s pretty fair, right? I mean, just in general? Well, allow me and whomever made this .gif  (and I apologize for not knowing your name, sir or madam) to blow your mind.  Just sit there and watch that for a few revolutions and tell me you didn’t have a hard time picking your jaw off the floor. Adrian Gonzalez might not do the stretch and the sleeve-pull, or have the cat-like stretching routine that Ichiro does, but he has exactly the same swing. Bless people who have the time and wherewithal to sit down and figure this stuff out, because I certainly don’t, but I do love it when I see it.

Larry Stone has some facts and figures up about Mike Carp, perennial Mariners and Rainiers fan favorite. I’m hoping that Stone is right about giving the guys in the system more of a look this year. This could be a great opportunity for fans to watch player development as it happens, rather than waiting until guys are nice and solid in Tacoma and then watching them flail around the major leagues (or trick me for a month – I’m looking at you, Jeff Clement) in September.  I know that most fans probably aren’t really interested in player development, and just want to watch a winning baseball team, but I would urge those folks to reconsider their stance on the game. We have a lot of good guys in the minors right now, some of whom might be up here and ready to go before you know what hit you. Best to start paying attention now.

Jeff at Lookout Landing takes a look at Justin Smoak’s numbers and how they rank historically for the team. Wow, is all I have to say about that. Let’s hope he stays healthy.

Although they aren’t doing that well as a team this year, and are in their familiar 4th place in the AL West, members of the Mariners roster – the bullpen and starting lineup, in fact – are holding up a new tradition started by Rick Adair. Not everyone working in MLB makes the big bucks, and unfortunately, sometimes that means that personal tragedies and the general goings-on of life as we know it in the 21st century can be hard to deal with for some. The fact that the guys with the larger paychecks care enough to do this for the folks with the smaller ones is inspiring. Another reason to love the Seattle Mariners.

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