Baseball over the past few days

I wasn’t able to watch the second Twins game on Tuesday. I didn’t get a lot of sleep Monday night, got up far too early, and decided to walk six miles in to work.  Not really the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but after the blisters go away, I might consider doing it again. With better shoes. In any event, I was too tired to make it through the entirety of Felix Day. I made it until about the 5th inning or so, then fell asleep with the cat on my chest. When I opened my eyes due to some noise coming from the TV (Tom had left the game on), I could see the numbers “9”, and “2-1”, and realized the game was nearly over, and not in a good way. Before I fell back to sleep, I remember thinking ‘Augh! Adam Kennedy!‘ and then blackness.

Yesterday afternoon, I met Tom at SafeCo after work, full of happiness to see a baseball game in such great weather, but not expecting much. We drank some happy hour beer down by the bullpen, chatted, watched the beginning of the Canucks/Sharks game on TV, had some dinner, and enjoyed an evening out where only one (one!) hoodie/extra layer was needed as the sun went down. And of course, Jason Vargas went into the pit against Jered Weaver and came out victorious and unharmed.

What a great day for a game! While I was trapped in the office today, I bet it was similar. Warmer, but still just as nice as it was when this picture was taken last night.

My action photos aren’t great, but my still-lifes rock.

Last night when I reviewed my photos still inside the camera, I thought that this might be the single best photo of a pitcher I had ever taken. Now that I see it full-size, it is a good picture, but it’s not the best I’ve taken. I think I have some of Felix Hernandez that are much better. I do think it’s time for a camera upgrade, but at this rate I might not be able to take care of that until next year.

A sight for sore eyes, I’m sure. I was waiting for something bad to happen, for him to be removed from the game, because I haven’t been able to pay that close attention to any news about his condition, and did in fact actually miss the announcement earlier yesterday that he was back in the lineup, so seeing his name announced when the game started was a nice surprise. He got a nice ovation at his first at-bat of the game, too.

Despite my office building’s best intentions at blocking any AM radio signals that might try to infiltrate the windows and walls, I was able to listen to some of today’s early afternoon game. Of course, we won because Torii Hunter pulled an Ichiro-in-Fenway and did not catch the ball coming towards him from Carlos Peguero’s bat out of the sun. If you didn’t see it, GameDay has it here, and it is beautiful. I was trying to explain to Tom when I got home from work today what had happened, and that the phrases “Torii Hunter“, and “robbed (player X) of a home run/base hit” were often in sentences together, so Hunter’s failure today was quite a victory for the Mariners. He’s a good defender, and has plagued us severely over the past few years. It’s nice to know he’s human, too.

It’s approaching interleague time, so this next series is down in San Diego against the Padres. No matter how hard I try, I cannot rile myself up for this “rivalry”. Away games in San Diego just make me want to go visit San Diego. The Adrian Gonzalez-free Padres don’t seem to be doing better than we are, so that’s sort of comforting from the standpoint of just wanting a win. Plus I always like seeing our pitchers bat, and Erik Bedard’s our boy tomorrow, so that should be worth a look.

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  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Was at the game yesterday (my birthday) and it was great! Watched part of the game from Section 347 (near Lookout Landing), then went down to the bullpen. Watched the ball hit the ground, and everyone was yelling and high fiving.

    Dougie pitched pretty well, and he only got taken deep once. 😉

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