Well, at least we’re still at .500

I can’t really bear to watch the rest of this. ROOT was in a blackout until about the middle of the 2nd inning, and things are not going well right now, in the 4th inning with a score of 7-0 in favor of New York. Jason Vargas has already been pulled after allowing 4 runs in the 3rd, and Jeff Gray has not been making things better. I will be taking some time to work in the yard before going to a friend’s deck party after this mess is over.

The good news is that the Arizona Diamondbacks are 1st place in the NL West, and are duking it out with Atlanta and Milwaukee for second place overall. The Phillies are of course in first place in the NL East, having won 33 games so far this year. I am very much looking forward to that series in a few weeks. The other bit of good news is that the Baltimore Orioles are still in the basement of the AL East. I love them, but all the winning excitement and the taking of the series from the Yankees is really stoking me up for the next two games coming up here. I am looking forward to the Fister and Bedard starts. I have no photos of either of them this year.

This is a very pessimistic post, but I didn’t really expect the team to get past CC Sabathia. I would have been shocked and happy if they had, but the Mariners already gave me more than I bargained for by taking the series, so I’m solid with this situation. Let the Yankees have their fun today.

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4 Responses to Well, at least we’re still at .500

  1. Section 36 says:

    Never, ever, let the Yankees have their fun. But, taking 2-3 is a pretty good result for any series at home. Especially with CC pitching in the series.

  2. Michael says:

    I had little hope for the sweep today as the M’s struggle with lefty’s any way but having to face one of the best was a tall order.

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