M’s over O’s 3-4, and we’re back over .500

…but back in third place. Boo.

Technically, I think I may have gotten paid to go to a baseball game yesterday. I normally have Mondays off anyway, but with yesterday’s paid holiday, well, I think I was being paid to go enjoy a little sun, a little baseball, and possibly too much cider. Had a great time with my friend Eric and met up with some other folks down by the bullpen, hung out and chatted, took some pictures, the Mariners won, Doug Fister got a career-high number of strikeouts (nine!), and it was a generally nice afternoon.  I was a little bummed out by the lack of hassle I got in my O’s/M’s shirt/jersey clothing combo, but there’s always tonight.

Cheap tickets are great and all, but one thing I dislike about being by the Pen is that it can be difficult to see and/or pay attention to the game itself. I used to think I was tall at 5’8″, but it is becoming apparent to me that a basketball team must have worked its genetic code into the people I wind up in crowds with. We could have gone up to our seats in the center field bleachers, but that is also my least favorite place to sit due to the sun glare and the distance. This all sounds very whiny, for which I apologize; plus, I’m going to do it again this Thursday, so I really just bring these things on myself. Tonight’s game will be spent in my own seats, paying more attention to the field.

We got into the field just as Fister was warming up, so there were already plenty of people at the bar. I had to hold the camera over my head to get any shots of him, and this was the only truly decent one. I like it, though, because his grip is visible.

Miguel Olivo, catching (insert Rob Johnson joke here).

I’m not totally clear on how I’ve never seen this before. I’m guessing maybe I have, but it just didn’t register that it was a plaque, and not some sort of other sign that has nothing to do with baseball. I’m not the only one, though – there was a woman standing next to me with a friend as I was taking the photo, and she had never noticed it before, either. For all the things I do know, I’m starting to wonder what else I don’t yet know about SafeCo Field.

Jake Arrieta. Yes, yesterday I referred to him as JP Arencibia, who is not only not a pitcher, but is also not an Oriole. Lack of Twitter interface on my phone (no avatars) coupled with the vaguely alike last names conspired to make me sound like an idiot. Neither of them are Mariners, and I haven’t paid that much attention to the Orioles this year, despite promising myself that I would.  Tonight, I am totally aware that we are facing Jeremy Guthrie.

The outfielders chill during a pause in play in the 8th inning. My friend Patrick overheard someone in the crowd getting aggressively angry about Michael Saunders starting in center over Franklin Gutierrez. I find that strange, given that Gutz has, after all, been working his way through health issues. Cut the guy some slack. I guess some fans just don’t like disappointment.

  Brandon League, warming up. I even took these through the fence. League now has 14 saves after yesterday’s game. If things keep going as well as they have for us, he might finish the season around 40 (the JJ Putz magic number), which would be pretty cool.

This one, I just might frame. I don’t do that for many. In fact, the only two pitchers I have on the wall are Jarrod Washburn and Ryan Rowland-Smith, so that might give an indication of how infrequently I actually like the photos I take enough to have them printed out.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the game itself. I’m pleased with the win, and I think we can do it again tonight with Erik Bedard on the hill. I am actually shocked that Vlad Guerrero didn’t manage to hit anything yesterday,  even when Fister started to wind down in the 8th inning. Also glad to see Ichiro starting to come out of his slump a little. I’ve been worried about him this year…

Back to the park tonight!

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4 Responses to M’s over O’s 3-4, and we’re back over .500

  1. Patrick says:

    I really like that last photo of League.

    And about where we hung out at the game, a lot of fun chilling with peeps there, but not sure I want to do that all the time. I’m around your height, so I had issues seeing over the bullpen awning-thing. But it was kind of a cool atmosphere and definitely fun chatting.

  2. Section 36 says:

    Does it seem weird for the Mariners to hang a plaque celebrating the accomplishment of a non-Mariner?

    Keep beating up on those AL East teams. For a little while, at least.

    • Patrick says:

      Not at all to me, Ripken is one of the all time greats and that was a cool way to honor him. Other stadiums have plaques for players of other teams, like I think Camden is the one that does them where long home runs have landed.

    • Megan Shear says:

      Yeah, I don’t think it’s that strange – the All-Star game *was* here, and it was a part of the history of the game. Everyone’s mileage varies, of course. 🙂
      And we’ll see how well we can beat them today. Taking the series is always satisfying, and I don’t know if they stand much of a chance against Pineda, but strangers things have definitely happened to this team.

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