Orioles game 2, and adventures in shoulder licking

I couldn’t listen to today’s game, and GameDay wouldn’t load at work, but it sounds like it was over almost before it started time-wise, plus the Ms lost, so I guess I didn’t miss much. We took the series, we’re still over .500, and that is good. Plus, we’re in second place now again, so yay, Mariners!

Last night’s game was much better, outside of me not being properly dressed for it. If anyone would like to explain to me why I’m still wearing fleece jackets to the ballpark in June (because it looks like I’ll have to wear one tomorrow, too), I’d be keen to hear that explanation. It’s like the offseason still isn’t over, with the cold and gray ridiculousness. Enough, already. I’m so over the current weather it’s not even funny.

But I digress (that’s a shock, I know).

Last night’s game was absolutely fantastic. Not all ’round, and there were issues, to be sure (steady offense, anyone?) but as far as grand drama goes, last night ranked right up there. Justin Smoak busting out of his hitting lag with a three-run homer all clutch-style in the bottom of the 8th? Check. Brandon League’s 15th save of the year? Check. Matt Wieters hitting an opposite field solo shot off a slowly methodical Erik Bedard  in the 7th? Check. OK, so maybe that part wasn’t the best bit of the game, but home runs are still full of drama. And if it was any other team, or we had lost, I’d have been a lot crankier about it.

I also got to eat dinner at the Hit It Here Cafe, since they are, in fact, open to the public. I had a smoked pork sandwich, and while it was good, I don’t know that I would have it again. The menu up there has apparently changed a lot in the past years, so the Reuben sliders that I was coveting after finding an (apparently) old menu online the other day are no longer a valid menu item. The woman next to me had a nice looking salad, though. Maybe next time. But I don’t think you go for the food, you go for the table and the view:

Right field is a bit obstructed, but the photo doesn’t really do the overall feel of the thing  justice.

As I was finishing dinner, the Orioles all decided to take a nap together. So I decided to go wait for Erik Bedard to warm up.

If you’ve seen a bunch of different pictures of Erik Bedard’s pitching expression in a row, you’ll know that his overbite is not something to be taken lightly. It’s not RA Dickey’s pitchface, but it does make me laugh. Seriously, though, he can make whatever face he wants, so long as he stays healthy.

The bullpen guys, watching Bedard take his last few tosses before going out to the field.

Jeremy Guthrie, taking a few tosses in the pen with Matt Wieters.

Matt Wieters! Rick Adair was wandering about the end of the pen I was on, as well. I did not get a photo.

So I may have mentioned something on Twitter last night about the Brendan Ryan shoulder-licking game. I was at last night’s contest with Conor Dowley, of Mariners Farm Review, and he was the one who noticed it first, but I got the photographic evidence. You’d have to be blind not to have seen it already, but Brendan Ryan has mentioned on ROOT Sports that he has a habit of licking his left shoulder when he’s at bat. He told one of the reporters that his father taught him to keep his shoulder up so the bat would rest properly, and one of the ways he remembers to do that is by licking his shoulder, and it’s become a life-long habit. In closer shots of his at-bats during game broadcasts, it’s very obvious. What you can’t see on TV, however, is the fact that he does it in the  field, before every pitch. The next time I’m at a game with Conor, I need to get him to bring his pitch counter (he’s the only person I know who has one), but together we counted 12 times at mid-game:

And then Erik Bedard threw a pitch. So next time you’re at a game, keep an eye out for this. I like Ryan more and more each day.

Tomorrow is the Mariners yearly Girls Night Out, and I will be there with two friends, one of whom has recently become engaged – not much more girly than that. I cannot confirm or deny, but I heard that there may be pink straws and beer for the three of us. I don’t normally do “girl” things, but I do like a good reusable grocery bag, and of course, baseball.





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