One game out of first place!

I started off my sports evening today by watching game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, which, unfortunately, the Canucks did not win. I have a good friend who is a fan (also, Canadian), so I was hoping for his sake that they’d be able to bring it around. They got shut out by the Boston Bruins, and then this happened. I have never, do not, and will never understand the need to riot when one’s team either wins or loses a championship game. I just don’t get it.

I am hosting a Mariners/Phillies hot dog-themed gathering on Saturday, and am quickly running out of time this week to get my house in order. I had to spend most of tonight’s Mariners and Angels game out in the yard, listening to it on the radio and doing yardwork. Will someone remind me again why I decided to do the whole garden thing this year? Yeesh! Tonight’s game was a nice pitching duel between Ervin Santana and Erik Bedard. Zeroes across the board until the bottom of the 7th, when, after the Angels loaded the bases by walking Ichiro, Carlos Peguero got a massive break. He singled to Peter Bourjos, but he must have hit it pretty hard, because the ball bounced off of Bourjos’ glove, fast enough to rebound it way up into the air of his head. That little gem succeeded in garnering us two runs.

After Bedard went to sit in the dugout after finishing the 7th inning (with under 100 pitches even), he was replaced by David Pauley, who got Hank Conger to pop up, but broke down a little bit, threw a ton of pitches, and allowed a run. After a short conference on the hill, he settled down a little and managed to get Bobby Abreu to strike out swinging with two men still on base. It was a much-needed out, and gave the Mariners a little bit of wiggle room to maybe get a run in – and they did. Greg Halman hit a towering homer to center field way over Torii Hunter’s head (try to rob us of that one, sucker!) off of Angels reliever Rich Thompson, his first as a major leaguer. I know Brandon League has a decent amount of experience saving one-run games, but I personally always feel a little more comfortable with a bit of a larger score gap. And Brandon League didn’t have a lot of trouble with the save, helped on his second out by everyone’s new favorite, Brendan Ryan with a stunning side-arm throw to first. Maicer Izturis was League’s last victim, flying out into the ready glove of Franklin Gutierrez. We didn’t get the series, but we didn’t get swept.

Sadly, I missed Mike Carp’s robbery of Mark Trumbo’s possible homer in real time, but the replay later in the game was sweet. And if you didn’t see it, highlights are here.

I have not had the time to write here as much as I would like this year – life keeps getting in the way. I’m watching everything, though, because with the way the Mariners have been playing, I’d be crazy not to. Day off tomorrow before the Phillies game on Friday, which I will actually be at. I get the opportunity to take some photos of Roy Oswalt, which truly thrills me to no end. And of course, to welcome Raul Ibanez (hopefully he’s in the lineup) back to Seattle. I’m going to “Oooooooo” and everything. And Michael Pineda! I can hardly wait.

Addendum: Word has it that Dustin Ackley is being called up. Holy cats! Things just keep getting better and better.

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3 Responses to One game out of first place!

  1. SodoJoe says:

    A night like tonight should cause us M’s fans to sleep really good. Either that or we’re stuck awake thinking of all the possibilities for Friday’s lineup. Can’t wait!

  2. Chris from Bothell says:

    I keep trying to draw some spooky parallel between Peguero getting a fluke 2-RBI hit by bouncing a single off the second base bag, and the second baseman of the future coming up immediately after the game. There’s some kind of weird omen or something in there, but I’m not clever enough to express it concisely.

  3. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    The M’s are a half game out of first place, and Dustin Ackley in Seattle. It must be my birthday again!!! 🙂

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