Even Sherrill and O’Flaherty sightings don’t fix this…

Back to the “AL park” with the AL rules tonight, but it didn’t do us much good. I guess I didn’t expect us to win tonight, but the pitcher’s duel and a small threat posed by a Mike Carp double in the 5th gave me a twinge of hope that maybe we could get a few runs in over the Braves. Not so much. Atlanta owned us, and all I can now hope for after seeing their closer tonight is that Pineda and Felix help turn this around. To be fair, the starting lineup that was put out there was not the best (again with the Figgins, and Adam Kennedy as DH), but I’m not responsible.

Erik Bedard did very well this evening, tossing a total of 106 pitches over 7 full innings, giving up 4 hits  and striking out 5. The two-run homer he gave up to Freddie Freeman in the top of the 7th before he was pulled was obviously painful to him. Bedard always gets a sort of look on his face when something like that happens, but tonight’s look was especially long and obviously pained. It kills me when Bedard doesn’t get any run support. Both he and Fister are guys that I’d really like to see certain numbers match their performances, and it’s interesting to me that they don’t. For the first time in my fandom, we have a starting pitching rotation that doesn’t really have a weak link – but for some wacky reason, we’ve got a couple of guys who couldn’t get run support if their lives depended on it. I don’t get it. Wherefore art thou, offense?

I am trying to ignore all talk about the trade deadline, as it seems that the time is once again looming over us, and as we get closer to the All-Star break, I will have to put the blinders on more frequently. I’ve never been good at making any sort of prediction about what the team should or shouldn’t do. Everyone knows we need offense, and possibly a little improvement at left or maybe third (depending on how serious everyone is about getting rid of Figgins), but I start getting really alarmed when people start talking major trades. I don’t think we have to make some ridiculous trade to improve our situation, and we certainly don’t have to farm up any further at the moment. Dave has some stuff up here about what he thinks our quest should be for a left fielder, and I think I agree. I doubt they’re going to move Figgins any time soon, so we should at least have someone in back of him to pick up the slack. As in previous years, it’s always the one more big bat we need, but this time, I think that truly is all we might need. And we don’t have to go nuts to find one. I’m not getting too far into this, though; I really have no clue what’s out there and available, and I don’t need to be making less sense than I normally do. All I know is that I don’t expect the team to contend based solely on the strength of their pitching, so a bat would be nice.

Prospect Nick Franklin apparently got hit by a bat tonight, but is OK, after a quick check at the hospital. Also, somewhere there is a team called the Biscuits.

I thought I had more to say, but I don’t. It’s late, and my sleep schedule is all messed up due to what was supposed to be a quick nap but turned into a few hours worth of being crashed out on the couch. Better luck tomorrow, boys…

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