Grounded again…

Yeah, I know this space has been pretty boring this year…

I got a few innings of game in today before I couldn’t take the static anymore. Fortunately, they were the innings of the game that Mike Curto of the Tacoma Rainiers called. Unfortunately, they were also the innings of the game where the Braves did most of their damage. I think through the haze of constantly-interrupted AM radio wave, I heard that Felix threw some 60 or so pitches in the first 4 innings or something crazy like that? Not pretty.  The last 9 games have not been at all pleasant to watch, with the exception of that one against the Marlins last Friday. And 3.5 games out of first place, nestled back under the Angels is just sad; I hadn’t checked the standings until today, because I just didn’t want to see them. But we’re falling toward Oakland territory lately, and that’s a little scary to me. Plus, this thing with Erik Bedard

I am not quite ready to flip out over any of this yet, however. Before the All Star break, we face the Padres, the A’s, and the Angels. And judging by how well two of those teams are not doing, it might signal a return, or at least a bit of a slow climb. I’m not prepared to get cocky, as I’ve certainly had ideas like this in the past and have been left speechless and embarrassed after getting swept by the teams I thought we could so easily defeat (DC, anyone?) – all I’m saying is that, all things being equal, we stand a chance in at least 6 of those 10 games (whether I like to admit it or not, I still view the Angels as an insurmountable threat). At least, a  better chance than playing the Braves…then again, none of this explains our taking the series from Philadelphia, so what do I know. This is why, on rare occasions I find myself at a casino, I’m more of a drinker than a gambler.

This fall is certainly a bit of a bummer, and a bit of a reality check. But it is what it is. Instead of trying to figure out what it means anymore, I’ve decided to just sit back and let it wash over me and wait to see what happens next. Recorded history may prove me wrong, but it seems like there is a light downward trend for the Ms before the All-Star break every year for the past few. I may be misremembering things, but for now I’m just willing to chalk it up to mid-season and a bunch of guys who need a little rest.

The alternative is just too depressing.

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