Hide and go search

Because not much is happening lately and there is no game tonight to talk about, I figured I’d take a stroll down Search Term Lane. I get some very strange searches that lead people here, and many of them are duplicated, so it’s obvious to me that there are either multiple people looking for the same  thing, or just one person looking for it 20 times. I have a little time at lunch today, and thus I figure I might try and make it worth their while and actually give them what they seem to be looking for.

mariners tickets hit it here cafe” – Last I checked, tickets for Hit It Here are around $48. That includes an $18 food and drink voucher, and a nice table to sit at and watch the game from over right field. There is a bit of an obstructed view, because anything going on in the immediate right field is somewhat blocked by the deck wall, but it’s a nice take on traditional baseball seating. Either indoors or out.

everett aquasox away team dugout” – I have gotten a few of these, usually followed by or blended in with the words “what side”. It’s on the 1st base line.

did the mariners win last night” – Probably not.

is there covered seating at cheney stadium” – Not anymore. The remodel has, from what I understand, taken away the vaguely protective overhang that used to be there last year. This doesn’t bother me personally, however, because I hear that the place is awesome. I still need to go.

why do the twins have the number 3 on their sleeves” – I’m not even sure how you found me.

free mariners baseball on youtube” – Good luck.

what to wear to a sounders game” – Heels. Really high heels.

why does brendan ryan lick his shoulder” – When he was small, his father taught him to keep his shoulder up when he was in his batting stance, and he remembered it by getting his shoulder up to a level where he could easily touch it with his tongue. It’s become a habit. Even in the field.

anyone having trouble listening to tri city dust devils game online?” – Nope.

uss licking pictures” – I don’t…What?!

everett aquasox which side is home dugout” – Third baseline. I have someone you should probably talk to.

mariners thai food” – Yes, there is Thai food at Safeco Field. It is delicious, and there is a lot of it. Intentional Wok/Thai Ginger on the main concourse, section 136-ish. My personal favorite is the phad thai with broccoli beef. I recommend not getting the rice, unless you have 10 more people willing to help you eat it.

ussm comments” – …are not located here.

why does brendan ryan lick his shirt at bat” – See above.

Surprisingly over the past week, there have been no searches for “brandon morrow girlfriend” which is the one search I have gotten the most since I started writing here. I don’t know if Brandon Morrow has a girlfriend now – the last I heard he did, and she lived in New York, so he was happy to be traded to the Blue Jays when we got Brandon League because he could see her more often. Why do I know this?! I can’t remember how to do math, but little facts like these stick in my head like glue. I have to assume that the people making this search are women. So there you go, ladies; you now know all I know or care about the situation.

The only other thing really going on today is Dave’s post at USS Mariner regarding the possibility of working a trade for Michael Pineda. I understand his reasoning, but I’m not ready to let go of Pineda right now because I like him too much. I’m certainly not naive enough to think he’s untouchable, I’m personally just not ready to send him away. I think that the only way I’d be interested in trading him is if we could pick up some bats, especially if our up-and-coming pitchers are as good as they’ve been projected to be. Whatever happens – and I’m saying this because it’s true and I haven’t reverified it in a while – I trust Jack Zduriencik to make the right move.

And with that, I gotta get back to work. Tomorow the Padres and Turn Back the Clock Night!


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6 Responses to Hide and go search

  1. Ben says:

    funny post! weird about the aquasox being on 3rd base, like the mariners used to be at the kingdome.

  2. SodoJoe says:

    Funny post! It’s always interesting how people run into your blog. I really like looking at all the different countries people are from that visit. It sparks a lot of questions. I had fun reading this one. My guess about the Twins and the number three came from the fact that your blog title has two 3’s in it.

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