Taking the series from Oakland

Last night’s AquaSox game was a lot of fun, though I really did feel a bit limbless, without even so much as my camera. The AquaSox won 7-1 against the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, the Giants affiliate, and there were two players interesting enough for me to take a few mental notes. Jason Buursma, outside of having a last name any Scandinavian would be proud of, is a submarine pitcher! His glorious 9.00 ERA does not reflect his overall performance last night, in which he allowed two hits and no runs in two reasonably short innings. It’s only one game and that’s never a good way to judge, but submarine arms are my weakness, so automatically he’s a favorite. I don’t know how much hope I hold out for him making it up to the majors, since he’s just about 26, but it was still fun to watch. The other guy was Garrett Buechele, who I am keenly interested in because if he goes out anywhere I’ll be shocked. That boy swung at everything – and I quite literally mean everything – thrown to him. I think he managed to hold up once or twice, but if plate patience was currency, he’d be on state’s assistance.

The game was fun, I ate too much popcorn, and the fireworks were nice. We were treated to a show pretty much all the way home down I-5, as well, and managed to avoid the drunk drivers and the several cars speeding and made it home safe. And late. I’m still pretty tired.

Tonight’s game was a bit of a nailbiter towards the end. For some reason, I was under the impression that Trevor Cahill was having trouble this season, but a look at the game notes for today indicate otherwise – at the very least, no medical issues were mentioned, at a glance. Cahill  managed  to limit us to two runs through 7 innings, while Felix kept the A’s at one run through 8 innings (the one run was a home run from Kurt Suzuki).  One of our runs was  a Dustin Ackley homer hit way out to center field, just over the wall. It’s nice to see Ackley doing so well so soon, and being able to sustain it like he has since he came up. It’s just nice to have a guy who can reliably hit the ball on our roster. It doesn’t cancel out guys like Carlos Peguero, but it gives us a little cushion against them.

Brandon League came into the game in the bottom of the 9th, and immediately gave up a double down the left field line to Jemile Weeks. The ball got caught in the feet of a security guard out by the Oakland bullpen (I really don’t like on-field bullpens), and Peguero did manage to keep Weeks at second, but I’m thinking that if it had been anyone else in the LF slot tonight, that ball would have been back in the infield sooner. Scott Sizemore sac-bunted Weeks to third, and after what has been a slow slide to me not caring, Peguero finally made his case to be sent somewhere else. Coco Crisp popped one up into the air, and Peguero ran in to nab it, and for some reason decided that sliding into it was necessary (it wasn’t). The ball fell into and then out of his glove and onto the ground, sending Weeks in to tie the game.  I miss Mike Carp. Carp is not an outfielder, but I’m willing to bet he would not have slid into a shallow pop fly like Peguero did tonight. I don’t want to hate Peguero, and I certainly know it’s not his fault that Eric Wedge keeps putting him in the lineup, but I’d like to see him sent down for a bit more, and if there is any hope for improvement, it can just be down in Tacoma, rather than up here.

Former Rookie of the Year Andrew Bailey took the hill for the A’s in the 10th and was not terribly solid. He allowed a single to Franklin Gutierrez, and after striking out Greg Halman, walked Ichiro. Brendan Ryan grounded into a force out, with Ichiro pulling some aggressive base running, and causing Jemile Weeks to overthrow from second to first, a move that allowed Ryan to get to second and Gutz to score – that is a terrible sentence, but I’m tired and can’t figure out a better way to say it right now. An Adam Kennedy double sent Brendan Ryan home, giving us a nice 2-run cushion, and a terrifying option for relief pitching.

Terrifying option? Jamey Wright! I still cannot figure out what it is about our bullpen that freaks me out so badly. I have confidence in them, yet I don’t at the same time. Wright is a good reliever, and I need to get over whatever it is that keeps making me groan mentally whenever he’s on the mound. And he was lights out tonight, getting his first career save, and throwing only 10 pitches! I should love and adore Jamey Wright! It will probably catch up with me by the end of the year, just in time for us to trade him or something. Maybe my project for the remainder of the year should be to re-like the bullpen. They deserve more respect than I’ve been giving them.

Tomorrow is a day game, and I’m going to try and listen, but the best I might be able to do is keep track on GameDay. Curse my AM radio signal-eating building!

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2 Responses to Taking the series from Oakland

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Ackley is a joy to watch. Peguero, not so much. Would definitely like to see the M’s bring back Carp in exchange for Peguero, the sooner the better.

    Thought that keeping an eye on the boys in the bullpen was your job / hobby / part-time obsession? 😉

    • Megan Shear says:

      Things just aren’t the same without the Mark Lowe/John Wetteland thing. *sigh* I do need to buck up though. It’s not nice to be such a bummer over a group that’s been doing such a good job…

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