Win a few, lose a few

I listened to the first inning of the game today, because I was faxing a bunch of stuff, and there is less interference over by our fax machines. This makes no sense to me, but it is what it is. I decided to “watch” the rest of the game on GameDay while I was doing work (I can actually do that here!) , because I had a bad feeling about things after that Scott Sizemore home run. Turns out I was right to be skeptical, as we lost the game today. And tomorrow, poor Doug Fister, He of No Run Support, has to lead the Mariners against Jeff Weaver and the Angels. I don’t have the highest of hopes for that one, I’m afraid. Maybe I’ll make a run to a pub somewhere to watch so that it’s a little less painful.

The only good news I have today is that after 3 years of season ticket holding, I finally – finally – get to go to season ticket holder’s appreciation day! Maybe 3 years doesn’t seem like that much, but I have to say it feels like forever. I missed out on it in 2008 because I was actually with my family for our first annual baseball game, and the game was against the Orioles. I missed out in 2009 because I completely forgot about it, in spite of the fact that I had tickets to go, and I couldn’t afford to go last year. But this year, I have both a ticket to go, and will be out of work by 4pm that day, and I’m totally taking advantage of it! Mariners BP up close? The possibility of an autograph or close photo without having to fight off the hordes on a Sunday? Heck-to-the-yeah! I realize that this is good news for nobody else but myself, but I’m trapped in a high rise on a nice sunny day, and kind of groggy for not getting enough sleep last night. Also, I’m breaking in a new pair of shoes, so my feet make this weird farting sound everywhere I go – so getting to go to season ticket holder appreciation day is a bright spot!

Jerry Brewer posted an article the other day that basically says what I’ve been thinking a lot this year, regarding Ichiro. As irrational as it may be, I am perhaps the only one in Seattle who really believes – or really wants to believe – that Ichiro is still going to get his 200 hits this year. I know how ridiculous that sounds, in light of the fact that he hasn’t yet collected even 100, and we’re already nearly at the All-Star break. I know it even sounds ridiculous in light of some things I’ve said – both here and out of my mouth – about his defense and general Ichiro-ness lacking this year. And it kills me when he removes his hat in the field, because even from a distance and without my camera, I can see, as Brewer puts it, the “salt invading the pepper in his hair“.  Ichiro is two years younger than I am, and that is older than about 90% of baseball players today – and Ichiro is probably as good a player as one could be at 37. So in my eyes, Brewer is right – he has to do these things that he always does , or it will completely mess with my paradigm. In the back of my head, though, I’m preparing myself that it might not happen. Just in case…

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