Search engine roundup

I am not impressed by the last two games, and really all I have to say about them is that I like Blake Beavan, I feel terribly sorry for David Pauley, and Brendan Ryan is still just stellar. I won’t be watching tonight – the series has been a bit too depressing, and it’s a nice summer day out, so I cannot justify sitting indoors and missing the rest of it after I get out of work today. Instead of trying to weakly talk about the series against the Angels so far, I have decided to do another search engine study for the past week. So how are people finding me lately?

ichimeter seats” – I cannot tell you off the top of my head what section or seats they are, but they seem to be taken up during a good portion of home games. I don’t think you have a chance.

franklin gutierrez shirtless” – This one comes up a lot. Way more than it should. I don’t know that I’ve ever used the word “shirtless” anywhere in my writing on this site, but I get this search quite a bit. I’m guessing the searchers are looking for a photo. Let me just tell you that if I had a picture of Franklin Gutierrez shirtless, I’m pretty sure I would be the hero of just about every female Mariners fan the world ’round. Possibly some of the guys, too.

yankee stadium section 331” – Go. Away.

megan shears anniston alabama” – I think I just had a stroke.

baseball cup dippin dots” – You’ll find a lot of talk about that here. The hotter it gets, the more I would like to pin a medal on whomever it was that came up with the idea of freeze-dried ice cream. The great thing about going to baseball games with Tom is that he doesn’t care what the logo on the cup is, so I get two cups of my choosing. Eventually, I’ll be using them for cocktail parties. Who doesn’t want a margarita with a St Louis Cardinals logo on it?

hot facebook photos/ post a comment or add a comment or leave a comment(no moderates sites)” – I obviously require a blood  thinner, or perhaps some phenobarbital.

angie mentink smokes” – If you say so, Sport. I don’t know the woman personally, but it seems odd to me that this is addressed as a statement, rather than a question. And who would put information like this on the internet? Just go ask her!

blake beavan’s next start” – Not for nothing, but I hear has this information for absolute sure. It was last night. He allowed 6 hits and two runs, which isn’t awful but wasn’t great for us last night, either. I still like him, though. He looks fearless up there, and you kind of need that in the majors.

yankee tickets 7-7-2011 section 331” – Stop it.

i feel like im going to flip out at work” – You and me both, buddy. The weather in Seattle is really nice today, and I have freshly-cooked Mexican barbecue in my future. I cannot wait. I feel like I’m going to flip out at work.

brandon league earrings” – So far as I can tell, Mr League usually rocks the double-ought-gage flesh-colored plugs. Unless, like at FanFest this year, he doesn’t. I pay attention to these things because it is not often that you see athletes with such body mods. I’m a single-ought girl myself. Respect.

mike sweeney what happened” – Hugging, man. Hugging happened.

That’s about it for me today. I understand Derek Jeter finally got his 3,000th hit today, the only Yankee to get to that number in the history of the team. By dint of my being a fan of another team, I am predisposed to dislike the Yankees, and hear everything about them sort of like Gary Larson’s Far Side comic stipulates dogs hear what people say: “blah blah blah Yankees blah blah blah Yankees blah”. But it’s a benchmark, and it’s part of baseball history, so congratulations to Mr Jeter for his accomplishment, and may we never speak of this again.

I am going to hope that Michael Pineda and the Mariners do well against Joel Piniero and the Angels tonight, but I shall not be surprised if they do not. But I’m not upset about it; I can only take a few days off with the All Star break, and hope the Ms right their particular ship, though I just looked at the calendar and see that they are spending the four games after the All-Star break playing Texas. Well…Ok then.




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