And now, I exhale a bit…

I woke up at noon today, so I was still a bit groggy when I heard the news of Michael Pineda getting selected to the All-Star game. The All-Star Game’s sparkle wore off for me after the first year; not only do I worry about guys getting injured mid-season over an exhibition game, but I’d also far rather have it sometime in the winter, when there is no baseball and I and others are badly in need. I’m also now officially concerned about Erik Bedard. Eric Wedge says he’ll only miss another start, but we all know how fragile Bedard can be – this isn’t a knock, by the way, because that’s not how I roll. Bedard’s done excellently by us, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that appreciated his bid to stay, in spite of what he said were other, better offers on the table. If he has to be out for any longer, though, I am so far alright with Blake Beavan as a replacement. Get better soon, Mr Erik.

It sounds like it’s a good thing I didn’t take time out from grilling with friends last night to watch the game – a 9-3 loss would have been a bit much for me to take, I think. For all of our offensive craziness in the months of May and June, we just haven’t been able to sustain it. Probably not much of a shock to anyone on the analyst train, and I guess not to me, either. This team was not made to hit; they were made to pitch and defend, and that’s what they’ve done. Hitting seems very secondary to the organization, though I’m not sure why. I haven’t had much time to poke around the web, but I am starting to wonder if I might be the only one who feels like maybe Kyle Seager’s call-up was a little premature. I know I’m probably basing that off the fact that he has not come charging out of the gate with Dustin Ackley and Justin Smoak have, and maybe a few days spent relaxing, or hanging out in the batting cage, or whatever else it is that these guys do during the All Star break will help improve our situation. We’re 7.5 games back which is just not good. No.

Today’s game started off in a way that made me happy, but gradually descended into something that made me sad. The Mariners two runs in the first inning lulled me into a false sense of security, and had me desperately trying to remember if we’d been able to win against Dan Haren earlier this year. As I’m writing this during the 8th inning, and the score is 2-2, and David Pauley has been sent in to relieve a faltering Felix, I’m not sure that it matters enough to look up. And Pauley did not have a good outing today, again. After giving up a single to Torii Hunter and intentionally walking Howard Kendrick with two out, Alberto Callaspo doubled to send Hunter and Kendrick in. This is the third time that Pauley has been put into a high leverage situation, and the third time he has botched that situation in such a major way. This is not me being angry with Pauley, not at all; I’m sure he has to deal with enough of that in the clubhouse, and for whatever reason, he’s just not one of the guys I can get too mad at. I’m not going to be fearful the next time he comes out onto the hill, and I’m certainly not going to boo him, ever. It’s a bad patch, those happen, and hopefully he’ll get over it after taking some rest over the next three days.

Dan Haren could have been allowed to take care of the entire game, with only one out left, but Mike Scioscia felt differently, and pulled him. Frankly, I would rather have seen Haren take it to the end. I like the  guy, he certainly wasn’t going to have any issues with Franklin Gutierrez, but I guess Scioscia just didn’t like what he was seeing after Adam Kennedy popped up to third. Jordan Walden was brought in for the one-batter “save”. Gutz made him work for it, fouling a lot of fastballs off, including what GameDay claims were 4 100MPH fastballs, and two 101MPH fastballs before he struck out swinging.

And now, our small yearly baseball vacation.

I am undecided on whether or not I will watch the All-Star game. Part of me kind of wants to watch at least until Pineda is in there, but because of a work event on Tuesday, I will have to work until 5pm, and I may miss him throwing. Maybe on this low note, I just need a break.

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7 Responses to And now, I exhale a bit…

  1. Section 36 says:

    Jon Lester was just named to the AL team thanks to King Felix. That was perfect from my standpoint. Lester is already on the DL, so he can’t hurt himself during the game!

    • Megan Shear says:

      LOL Funny, other reports were saying that it was Ricky Romero who got the slot, but maybe Romero went in for someone else. Can a guy actually play in the ASG if he’s injured? That seems…not wise…

  2. Chris from Bothell says:

    The flameout happened at the perfect time for me. Not only am I backed up with work this week anyway, but I think I need a few days off from baseball to stop fuming. I made the mistake of getting my hopes up, am tired of the rebuilding, and am not emotionally ready to watch 10 weeks of the Tacoma Mariners just yet. 🙂 This year stung.

    It just seemed like it needed someone, anyone in the lineup to step up and lead the way with some good ol fashioned RBI. Meh.

    If one more person says to me “if you were told in March they’d be only a couple games out of first on July 4th, you’d have taken it”… 🙂

    • Megan Shear says:

      Heh. Yeah, a break will be nice. I would love to see people’s reaction to Pineda, but there doesn’t seem to be as much of a fuss around the ASG this year as there has been in previous years. Or maybe it’s just me, and maybe it’s because Ichiro’s not going, and things have sort of taken this weird downward turn lately. Blah.

  3. Chris from Bothell says:

    An FWIW, I also think Seager was brought up too soon. Only 2 weeks in AAA, into a sort of pennant race? Sheesh. Hope he settles in and that his development isn’t set back by being blown away by major league pitching too soon. Seems like a nice kid.

    • Megan Shear says:

      Yeah, he and Ackley were fun to watch speak during FanFest the day that I went, and he is obviously a hard worker, or they wouldn’t have made the move. He got a single today (if memory serves, I think I’m already shutting this series out of my mind), so that’s good, and I think our hitting coaches are a little better this year than they were last, so maybe they can work with him more and help him out. So far I haven’t seen anything about him defensively that makes me concerned there, but then again, I haven’t seen much of that in the first place anyway. All this thinking is making my noggin hurt. LOL

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