Doc Ellis he ain’t…

No games today still (and I’m still enjoying my break). I watched about 4 innings of the All-Star game last night in spite of my swearing I wasn’t going to, before I fell asleep for 12 hours last night. Michael Pineda threw a shiny clean inning, and the FOX Sports announcers couldn’t be bothered to stop talking about Derek Jeter long enough to recognize what was going on. After a few years of having watched both TBS and Fox Sports baseball broadcasting, my theory is that the announcers for those games don’t even really care about baseball – it’s just a paycheck to them, and if the players don’t have big names, they won’t bother to talk about them on the air. Even Justin Timberlake, who was a little tipsy at the time, called the announcers out on national TV. It will be a fine day when there are announcers for nationally-aired games that even act like they care a little bit about what’s happening in front of them as it unfolds.

I do have something to share, though, courtesy of Tom. This guy tried to throw an LSD-enhanced no-hitter ala Doc Ellis. The problem is, he’s not Doc Ellis, and even if he was, he’s only playing a video game, so it’s not really that much of an accomplishment. It’s worth watching, though, if for nothing else than watching him blame the “umps” for his failures.

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2 Responses to Doc Ellis he ain’t…

  1. Brian Mortensen says:

    Our friends Joe and Tim SEEM to know a little bit about the game at-large enough to comment on it, but they bloody couldn’t stay off the Jeter thing. And you’re right. They didn’t have much to say about Michael Pineda, until he was done, and they were at a loss for words because they weren’t prepared for the moment.
    I thought the (useless!) Mark Grace interview with Timberlake was a waste of time UNTIL Timberlake started popping off at Joe.
    Maybe the Deadspin guy needed more than “two baby hits”.

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