Quick notes

First of all, I just saw this. Holy cats! Do you not just ADORE Brendan Ryan?!

Game night Monday turned into me staying up a little later than I should have on a work night, so I was out like a light before the game even started last night. However, because of that an early morning finds me drinking coffee and the only one awake, with access to Tom’s Mac…We did see this guy out front of SafeCo prior to the game, and I almost had my picture taken with him just for the fun of it. Now wishing that I had. I feel sorry for the guy because at least he realized what he’d done immediately after he did it, but I cannot understand why this is a lesson that people refuse to learn. If the ball is on the field, just leave it alone.

Out of all the worst possible times for my computer to leave me, the trade deadline would have been it. Actually, the worst worst possible time would be in a year that the Mariners contend and make the playoffs, but by that time, we’ll be using computers like in Minority Report, and they’ll never break down because they’ll be in a constant state of repair by other computers. Or our robot overlords. This year, though, in this season, right now, I’d really like to have free access to a working computer.

The recent trades have kind of left me pretty bummed. I love that Erik Bedard and Ryan Langerhans went to teams that are attempting contention. You should have seen, however, my post written during and after Bedard’s last start, before my computer officially decided it wanted nothing to do with this cruel world. I had Bedard pegged as staying here. I thought for sure that the Boston scouts that were at that last start against the Rays were done with us and all of our loser shenanigans. I probably shouldn’t be surprised at any of it, but I kind of am. Maybe my post was driven more by what I wanted than by anything based in reality. Langerhans’ bright side is a trip to the Arizona Diamondbacks who are still doing well in the NL West, fighting tooth and nail with San Francisco for first place (as of this scribbling, the two teams are tied). Also in Diamondbacks news is the fact that former A’s reliever Brad Ziegler is with the team now. This both makes me happy and incredibly frustrated. I liked watching Ziegler with the A’s and because we play them so frequently, I got to see him a lot. Those days are over for a while. But still, kudos to my number three team for the move. Also? It’s weird to see a jubilant Willie Bloomquist on the DBacks front page. I’m happy for them all, it’s just weird.

Trading Doug Fister and David Pauley both to the Detroit Tigers is a bit of a crusher for me, but this headline is hilarious. I have a soft spot for the Tigers, though truthfully I think it has to do with their mascot more than anything else. The whole city is sort of an underdog of sorts, though, so I have that sort of thing like I had with the New Orleans Saints a few years ago – they could really use a championship because hey, Detroit. But I’m sure that both pitchers find that being backed up offensively will be a nice change, and hopefully the fans there will treat them well. We got Caspar Wells in exchange, and I found out about that via Allison from No Run Support and Bless You Boys. Wells is apparently her favorite player. He went 2 for 4 on Monday, and 1 for 3 last night, so I think I like him already. I took some photos of him being interviewed during BP on Monday night, but I cannot post them yet. I’ll get to it as soon as I can. He was smiling while talking to Angie Mentink, alternately holding his bat on his shoulder, and letting it swing down to keep his arm limber, all decked out in our blue BP duds. I won’t get to see him up close and personal on TV until Friday, when we go to Los Angeles.I can totally relate to Allison’s loss. It’s funny, you’d think that the worst part of being a baseball fan would be having an awful season or being the butt of everyone else’s jokes, but that stuff doesn’t matter to me. The worst part of being a baseball fan is knowing your favorite players are subject to the whim of their clubs, and could be here one day and gone the next. It’s something that, though I know it’s the way things are, is always difficult to deal with.

Charlie Furbush, Fister’s bizarro name exchange partner in this trade, will get the start for us today. It’s nice to know that the series has already been taken, but I hope our bats treat Furbush a little nicer than they treated Fister. And there’s a sentence I never thought I’d have to write.

As for me, it’s time to get ready for 8 hours of work, 2 hours of Fuel, and 90 minutes of the Seattle Sounders. It’s going to be another long long day.

EDIT:  CasPER. CasPER. CasPER. Ugh.

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4 Responses to Quick notes

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Furbush did pretty well, and there was an offense for a third day! Amazing stuff.

    It is good to know that the juvenile jokes can continue without Fister, I was getting concerned. 😉

  2. Fay Smith says:

    “The worst part of being a baseball fan is knowing your favorite players are subject to the whim of their clubs, and could be here one day and gone the next.” You so hit the nail on the head. I knew Brandon League would be traded and it was the worst 2 weeks I can remember. I didn’t believe Jack or Chuck. But he is still here. I always wonder how they and their families feel. Oh, I know they say they don’t think about it but I know at least the families must. I mean, Sasha just had a new baby and they have 2 other small daughters. A trade in the middle of the season has to leave them in disarray. I have no doubt he will leave this winter but at least I (and he!) will have time to be prepared and it won’t be right in the middle of the season.

    • Megan Shear says:

      It’s got to be difficult, for sure, and I’m sure that it lends to a good degree of relationship instability for players with families. I often wonder, just based on what I’ve heard and seen, how many of these guys are truly faithful to their wives or have some sort of outside-marriage arrangement with their wives. Not to be crass, but guys are guys, and there is a lot of female attention to major league players. It’s in the media, and you can totally see it happen at a game. It’s also got to put a strain on the players themselves – a lot of these guys know each other from trades or coming up in the majors, but every team’s fanbase is different, and if you come over and don’t do well, some of these fans will crucify you. It’s a kid’s game, and they get paid well, but there are sports psychologists for a reason.

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