Congratulations, Diamondbacks

I am having the worst time keeping this thing online, but I had to say something…

I am very pleased to see the Arizona Diamondbacks take their rightful place as the NL West winners for 2011. Happier still for – you guessed it, JJ Putz, who takes his 44th save tonight out of the 47 opportunities he’s had this year. I wish I could have seen it for myself, but unfortunately, I thought I was going to drift off to sleep, and started watching a movie after the Mariners loss to the Texas Rangers tonight at 5-3, figuring I’d fall asleep on the couch or something. But sleep isn’t coming, so I settled on a check of Twitter, and everything was exploding with glorious DBacks love! Lest we forget, this is a team with Willie Bloomquist and Lyle Overbay in its ranks. And Joe Saunders! And Brad Ziegler! And Justin Upton! And some of these things are better than others! I’d do a little dance around the living room, but I am far too exhausted for that.

The Diamondbacks still have some work to do to claw their way past the Brewers and get to the Phillies for a little NLCS, and the Phillies are crazy this year, so I don’t know if they can do it. But you can definitely count me as having my fingers crossed for a little sweet DBacks/Phillies NLCS playoff action.

A raise of the glass to my #3 team! May your batted balls be many in the upcoming days, may your season last longer, and may we see more of that little hopping dance that grown men do after a game is won. Cheers!

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